Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

A busy weekend...

Brandon came by on Friday night for some Pump and DDR hacking along with other random Bemani-ness. The typical reality of these sessions is that we spend a lot of time doing stuff that more resembles work on devices that are intended to be played on. I guess it's just a different kind of fun, and it tends to make playing on said devices more fun in the long run. At any rate, Brandon's work combined with another contact I made in the Pump community has the game busted pretty wide open...I predict crazy fun stuff shall commence soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday I got to catch up with an old friend from college. My friend, Mikey, sent an email to several people on Friday announcing that he was opening for comedian Todd Yohn in Anderson on Saturday night. It's probably been four or more years since the last time I saw him. He mentioned an address and phone number for the show in his email, but he didn't name the venue or give a time...silly boy. I looked up the address on the internet and found it to belong to a bowling alley--which seemed a bit odd. I went ahead and called the number, asked about the show, and was transferred to the bar. That made a little more sense.

That evening Lissa went out and did a little shopping and then made our way up to Anderson. Lissa suggested we have dinner at the Grindstone Charley's up in Anderson. It was delightfully nostalgic even though I had never actually been to that particular Grindstone Charley's. I even got to see Lana, one of the managers I worked with at the Noblesville store, who is now the general manager in Anderson. Most of it was quite reminiscent of the Noblesville store and the menu hasn't changed too much since I last worked there in February. It was nice to have a meal there...I miss both working and eating at Grindstone. Although I confess I've quite enjoyed having my weekends free since I stopped working there, too.
We arrived at the show a little bit early--just in time to see Mikey as he was getting there, too. He was there with his wife Jodi. They were just dating the last time we saw them, so I guess that shows how long it's been. He was certainly surprised to see us. He came up to us saying, "No way...I didn't think you'd actually come." Go ahead, challenge me. ;) It was good to catch up with him a little. Hopefully we'll stay in better touch.

He was up for about 20-30 minutes. His act is mostly musical comedy. We'd seen about half of what he did before. It was still funny along with the newer stuff. Todd Yohn was pretty vulgar...funny, but vulgar. Only problem was that he went on for about two hours. He really wasn't that funny. The smokiness and heat of the room was getting taxing and his material was starting to get pretty repetitive by the second half, but I wanted to stick around to talk to Mikey a little more. When it was finally over I got to exchange a few more words with Mikey and he signed one of his CDs for me.

Sunday we went to see Miss Saigon at the Murat Theatre. We stopped in at the Subway near the Murat to get a little bite to eat before the show. By coincidence several members of the cast--including several of the principal characters--happened to come in after us. I guess they've gotta eat, too! I had not had an opportunity to see the show before. The show was powerful and moving. For those who have seen it--not really the ending you want, but the right ending.

I commented to Lissa that there are plenty of popular, long-running Broadway shows I haven't seen where I'm familiar with many of the songs anyway. In the case of Miss Saigon, none of the music was really familiar to me. The actors were talented and fantastic, but the songs didn't really strike me as all that memorable on their own. The songs are the dialogue of the show, but I don't know that they're songs I'd want to just listen to separately from the show. But that's not to say that I didn't enjoy it!

Later on in the evening we attended a show at my dad's church that Tabitha was in. She had a few lines of dialogue and a solo in one of the songs. She's got some talent. :)

I capped off the night by buying my first pair of Vans. I actually first saw these a couple weeks ago or so, but I hadn't found any in my size. Now wait a second, Vans? Anyone who's known me awhile knows Vans are definitely atypical for me. I guess I'm fighting my age and keeping up my bad boy image. :P But seriously, I think this is just a further extension of the broadening of my clothing tastes and choices as influenced by at_spinners_end, atomx, and ilikea. I wanted to try something new: casual and not white. Skate shoes are a stretch for me but I figured I'd give them a shot. I liked the look of them, and after wearing them today I found them to be quite comfy as well. I'll be interested to see how DDR/Pump-worthy they are, but I've seen drewsifer play in them enough that I'm not too worried.

It's kind of silly for me to think of myself wearing skate shoes. But it's not as outright ludicrous as thinking of me actually skating. My last skateboard memory involved me hopping on a board at my girlfriend's house in middle school. I probably traveled less than three feet on her driveway before I lost my balance and put my face to the pavement. It was pretty pathetic and her family's ice maker was broken, so I had a lone piece of ice to soothe the pain--and even less for my pride. ;) So much for my chances with Avril.

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