Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Valenti Another


Brandon and I successfully accomplished a 3-way hack on Pump tonight (well, techincally early this morning). I was wearing the media hat creating content for the experiment and Brandon was wearing the technical hat finding ways to shoehorn it into the game. :) We replaced the background video for the song Valenti with the actual music video that I edited to fit. We also replaced the audio since I was working from the Japanese version of the song/video rather than the Korean one used in the game. And for good measure (and a few laughs) we replaced the song title screen as shown above, too.

I shot a video to document our results. The video is intentionally raw and includes a zoom in/out and in-camera audio to demonstrate we're not using any sort of trickery. The game itself is doing all the work--after making it submit to our will, of course! ;)

Watch me now!

Meanwhile, I was able to stay on task througout almost the entire day and made significant progress on my project to archive The Band Member Trilogy. Looking at the dates on some of the files, it seems I actually started that project last April. That's last year April--as in 2004! With a little luck I might be able to finish it up tomorrow.

Of course that would bring me up to a grand total of two completed projects on my much larger list. I'd say I was disappointed, but I really have gotten a lot done this week. It's just that most of it hasn't been on the list. :P

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