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A new home improvement project has been going on at The Ho-House, but I've so far neglected to document it. Let's put an end to that now, shall we?

When the basement was finished back in April 2004, I listed a few additional projects to make the basement really complete. Looking back at that list, it seems that all of them have been completed except one...the bathroom.

Over the Christmas holiday we finally got started on that project. I didn't start taking pictures of the project at that time, so my before picture(s) will actually have to come from way before--while the basement was still being finished.

This was the space set aside for the bathroom. The builder had roughed-in drain lines for a sink, toilet, and bath, so this was a natural location for it.

Of course the fiberglass wall panels like the rest of the basement went up around it.

And finally, last year the bar was built in front of it.

We now join the project already in progress...

By the time I took the first pictures on 1/14, the project was already underway for a couple weeks with the subfloor installed and drywall hung over the metal studs left by the finishers. The fiberglass panels went up around the outside of the bathroom space, but the inside was left completely unfinished.
peeking in early on peeking in early on
subfloor and drywall installed
drains drains
cutouts in the subfloor for toilet and shower drains
bar sink bar sink
The plumbing for the bar and the bathroom are to be tied together, so the start of the bathroom project finally sees a fixture installed in the bar sink.
These pictures from 1/18 show us finishing the drywall by mudding, sanding, and then painting.
drywall dust drywall dust
Mudding and then sanding drywall creates a lot of dust!
drywall prepped drywall prepped
drywall mud and sanding complete
priming priming
putting a layer of primer on the drywall prior to painting
painting painting
it's blue!
more painting more painting
On 1/22 the shower base was set in place and we put down a layer of luaun that the finished floor would ultimately be attached to.
luaun luaun
a layer of luaun goes over the subfloor
On 1/23 we installed floor tiles put the toilet and cabinet for the sink in place.
tiles! (sorta) tiles! (sorta)
A coat of primer went on the luaun before the stick-on floor tiles were installed.
toilet flange toilet flange
installing the toilet flange
toilet flange toilet flange
wax ring wax ring
A wax ring on the flange keeps water going where it's supposed to--as opposed to all over the floor.
installing toilet installing toilet
putting the toilet in place
plumbing plumbing
behind the scenes the supply and drain lines are coming together
sink cabinet sink cabinet
1/24: plumbing lines went in to supply the sink and the sink itself was installed on the cabinet unit
more plumbing more plumbing
supply lines go in place for the sink
sink plumbing sink plumbing
supply lines come into the cabinet for the sink
sink sink
sink installed into cabinet
mirror mirror
a matching mirror for the sink and cabinet
1/25: we got the mirror and lighting installed along with some more assembly of the toilet
mirror installed mirror installed
light bar light bar
light bar being installed over the mirror
light bar light bar
light bar installed
light bar light bar
let there be light!
toilet tank toilet tank
installing the toilet tank
have a seat have a seat
toilet seat installed
inspector general inspector general
Widget comes in to inspect our work.
inspector general inspector general
inspector general inspector general
Ceiling installation occured on 1/27
ceiling ceiling
a track is installed around the perimeter of the room to support the ceiling tiles
ceiling beam ceiling beam
installing one of the suspended ceiling beams
ceiling tiles ceiling tiles
the first row of tiles starts coming together
ceiling complete ceiling complete
the ceiling is completed leaving one tile where the vent fan/ceiling light is to be installed

More updates are forthcoming as this project continues...


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