Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho


red 2/7/2006

I haven't done any bright hair colors in a few months. It's mostly been out of laziness. The bright colors fade quickly, so I have to redye them often to keep them looking good...and I just haven't really felt like doing it.

I went in to get my haircut in January to find that Gina, the person who's been cutting my hair for the past couple years, wasn't at the shop anymore. She had moved from the shop I started seeing her at about a year ago and then to this new shop where I had only seen her once late last year.

I wasn't able to track her down, so I ended up just having my hair cut by a Korean lady named Joni who was there at the shop. She did a nice job, so I went ahead and went back to her when it came to get my haircut again this month. I figured I'd go ahead and do color again since I was getting pretty bored with basic black (lightly salted, of course, since I'm so damn old!).

She used a bit of a different technique than Gina did by putting a rubber hood on my head and using a hook to pull tufts of hair through holes in it. I've had people do bleaching with foil and just combed in but never like this. She also did my whole head rather than just on top. So it's a bit of a different look than before since there's more coverage, but I think I like it.

She also used what's supposed to be a permanent dye rather than the semi-permanent ones I've used before. It had a ridiculously strong odor while she was applying it. The smell was like one of those fat, metal-barreled permanent markers...dipped in rubbing alcohol...x20! It literally burned my sinuses and made my eyes water. She put a towel over my face. :P

The color seems to be holding up alright so far. It has faded a little bit to more magenta than red. It seems maybe a little better than the old dyes, but I just don't think the bright colors have the same kind of longevity as the more natural colors. Oh's still fun!

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