Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Fun AND productive weekend

It's Wednesday, and I'm writing about the weekend...finally. :P

Lots of stuff went into making it a pretty good one.

On Friday, lissarenee and I went out to dinner with her mom, stepdad, grandmother, sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Afterward, the last two came up to our house to play games and spend the night. Fun times.

The rest of the weekend actually saw the start AND finish of several projects. So I actually feel like I got things done for a change rather than just leaving things hanging out there.

Taxes = done

I had actually started these back in January, but I realized that I hadn't received all the forms I needed yet. I finally got back to them on Saturday and e-filed. I'm happy to have that out of the way. There's really not much incentive for me to get them done early anyway. I've owed the past few years due to investment income for which there are no taxes withheld. But if I owe, that means I made money, so I can't really complain.


I had told Lissa earlier in the week that I wanted to finish painting the living room. Finish was the operative word there. We started like two years ago! The plan was to paint one wall red and the other walls tan. We got the red wall done. I really wanted to finish the rest since we've been holding off on recarpeting until the painting was finished. The carpet was crap when we bought the house, so we figured if we painted first, we wouldn't care if we got paint on the carpet.

So we got our color picked out during the week and got to work over the weekend. We got one coat on one wall Saturday, the rest of the walls on Sunday, and a second coat on all but one wall later Sunday. The second coat on the final wall came Monday night.

It definitely improved the look of the room...though I didn't bother to take any before/after photos. Perhaps I'll take an after photo at some point and find some old random photos to compare it to.

Changing oil

Changed the oil in both of our cars Sunday. This is a good thing.

Yard work...woo

Yard work is my least favorite part of home ownership. My general feeling on the yard is, "I'll mow it when the neighbors complain and I'll water it if I think it'll catch on fire. Otherwise, to heck with it!" Fortunately, our yard is really small, so it has made me a bit less hostile toward it.

Lissa asked me to mow the grass before she went out to fertilize it. I did so, but it still looked horrible with all the leaves and debris on it from last fall. So Lissa and I got a rake and cleaned it up a bit so that the fertilizer might actually get down to where it could do some good. The yard looks almost halfway respectable now...well, that's probably twice as good as it did before! Stupid yard. :P

One other interesting note from the weekend, we appear to have a kitten trying its hardest to adopt us.

Click for more pictures of the little kitty

We first noticed it Saturday night. It was hanging around the back door to our basement. It had caught Widget's attention, and he was hissing at it and pouncing at the glass. The kitten was undeterred.

The cat hung out on our back deck most of the time while we painted on Sunday. Widget still didn't seem too thrilled with that idea and continued to hiss at it periodically. Then when we were out doing yard work and changing oil, it came up and loved on both me and Lissa. It also made several attempts to come in the house as we would open the doors to come out or go in.

The cat made additional appearances on our back deck both Monday and Tuesday. Widget doesn't seem to hiss at it anymore and just kind of watches it. I think maybe he's gloating that he's inside and it's not. :P

This cat is pretty cute and seems really friendly, but I really don't want to take in another cat. Lissa is even less interested since she's been wanting a dog. Anyone interested? I think it's a girl, but I'm not sure.

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