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hooray for boring Saturdays

It's so good to slow down today after an overly busy week.

The Pacers game last night was fun. Hooray for sitting in the suite and getting free food. And the Pacers won, so that was cool too. Although it really wasn't much of a game. They led the whole game and won by 20. But it was fun nonetheless.

After the game, Lissa and I stopped in briefly at Westside to see the gang. It was mostly a quick "hello," play a couple games, "goodbye everyone!" Still, it's always nice to see familiar faces...even if only for a short time.

This morning I got to sleep in...until 7:45! Oooo...late, no? Still, this is the most awake I've felt all week.

I do have one story to share about today. I went down to the post office this morning to send a couple packages. When I arrived the parking lot was pretty full with only a few vacant spaces, so I headed for the first one I saw. It was next to a parked (full-size) van with its door open. So I carefully pulled wide into the open space to avoid the door. As I'm getting out of my car the guy in the driver's seat starts shouting at me, "My door was open!"

I'm like, (calmly) "Yeah, I saw it...and I pulled in carefully to avoid it. I didn't hit it, did I?"

He says, "I was worried."

I say, "Like I said, I saw it and I was careful. I don't want to damage my car any more than I want to damage yours."

I proceed to get the stuff I'm mailing out of my trunk and he starts apologizing..."Sorry man, I didn't mean to come off like a jerk. I guess I'm just tired."

I told him, "It's cool. No big deal. We've both got better things to do than be mad at each other."

He agreed and we shook hands. Then he proceeded to inquire about my car and we talked for a few minutes. The only downside is that the post office closed in the meantime. Blah.

At any rate, he started out as the short-fused type of person that I see all too often anymore. It was nice to see him turnaround and we had a pleasant little conversation. It gives me hope that most people are still decent if we'd all just treat each other well.

I'm glad that I didn't snap back at him. I hate to think how the situation might have ended up. It's taken a lot over the years to learn how to control my anger response and my reactions to confrontation. I feel like it's been a worthwhile effort.

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