Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Sudafed PE? More like Sudafed BS!

Ok, I'm going to complain in my LJ.  Prepare yourself...this doesn't happen often!

I've been sick since Thursday.  I had kind of a scratchy, dry throat accompanied by general body aches and fever.  It was probably a mild flu or something.  Friday I was somewhat better and went ahead with my plans to go up with whitedragonlbp to meet people at the Ft. Wayne Putt-Putt.  I've often found that I feel better if I  do physical stuff like playing dancing games while I'm sick--unless I'm just so incapacitated that I simply can't.  I actually felt better playing on Friday night than I did this past Tuesday even though I wasn't sick last Tuesday and played harder on Friday.  Go figure.

Saturday was decent, but I stayed up late with thenarus and Brandon.  I was starting to feel really run down as the night wore on.  I was having fun, but it was probably not the best idea to stay up as late as I did.  As a result, I spent most of Sunday just sitting on the couch watching TV.

This brings me to the subject of this post...

This is hardly new news and you may already know the active ingredient in Sudafed (pseudoephidrine) has been under fire lately because idiots use it to make meth.  As a result, you have to sign your life away to get it from behind the pharmacy counter instead of just picking it up off the shelf.  Not a big deal...but somewhat inconvenient.  Anyway, in an effort to have something easily accessible on the shelves to buy, they have an alternative Sudafed PE with a different active ingredient (phenylepherine).

I think the last time we restocked our medicine cabinet we were at the store when the pharmacy was closed and we ended up just getting the PE stuff.  That's all we have at home right now, and I took some before I left for work this morning.  I have decided it's a worthless tease of a drug.  I've been suffering with a terrible sinus headache and felt generally miserable all morning.  Every once in awhile I would feel like I was going to clear up, but then it would just smack me in the face again in about a minute.

I have some of the regular, non-PE stuff in my desk drawer, so I was just waiting until after the dosage period from this morning was up to take it.  Sure enough...I feel somewhat better now.  I'm hardly 100%, but I think I might actually be able to get something done this afternoon whereas I was darn close to worthless this morning.  I guess the PE must be an abbreviation: PathEtic.  Remind me not to bother buying it anymore.

Yay drugs!

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