Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

A series of late nights...

Some slightly unusual things have been keeping me up late lately (heh..."late lately").

Sunday I went down to Louisville for a PIU tournament organized by jasondread and flakkmonkey with Brandon in tow.  Met whitedragonlbp and arkzilipul down there as well as a host of familiar KY-area faces from the intermixing of our various groups at past events.  GPS proved handy for navigating around where THEY CLOSED I-65 at the IN/KY state line!

Tournament was well worth the trip down.  The tournament was well organized and ran smoothly which made it even easier to enjoy the company of the people there.  I entered the Hard tournament again this year to "defend my title" as Jason put it.  I can really tell that I haven't been playing speed/tech hardly at all lately because Hard was...hard!

Last year, I wasn't too sure whether to enter Hard or Crazy.  Jason chose not to exclude me from Hard, so I went with it.  I pretty much knew I wasn't good enough to be at all competitive in Crazy, but after it was all said and done I actually felt like Hard was maybe too easy and that I was unfairly overmatched to the competition in that division.

This year I knew I haven't been playing harder stuff and haven't been playing as much in general.  My assessment was correct.  It was a struggle for me just to make it through the tournament--stamina was a major issue.  There were times I thought my knees were just going to buckle and leave me a collapsed, quivering mass of "too-old-to-still-be-playing-dance -games" goo.  In the end, my semi-final and final rounds went to the full number of songs (3 and 5 respectively) and I was only able to pull out narrow victories by a margin of just a few steps.  It was a good feeling to have to "fight to win" as compared with winning too easily or just getting blown away (usually the latter for me).

Freestyle was a complete improv.  I'm not even sure I had played the song before.  It went fine, and I took 2nd place again this year.  1st place went to a memorized choreographed routine.  There's no shame in coming in second to that as far as I'm concerned.

So, $5 for each tourney, $25 for 1st in Hard, and $5 for 2nd in freestyle.  Take out gas money and it was a nice (relatively) free day of fun. :P

Then last night I went to see WWE RAW at Conseco Fieldhouse.  I got free tickets through work and went with Josh again like I did last year.  I haven't followed wrestling for probably 15 years, so I'm continually flabbergasted by how many people I still recognize.  I guess I shouldn't complain about being too old for dance games.

Since I don't follow wrestling at all anymore, I really don't know or care about the storylines.  I just want to see some action!  Fake or no, you have to give those guys credit for putting on one hell of a show of athleticism.  Unfortunately, I guess WrestleMania is coming up in two weeks.  As a result, they seemed to want to make sure to build up the storylines to feed the drama of the upcoming big event.  That meant we only got to see something like 3, maybe 4 matches in the 2 hour block of RAW.  All of them were predictable, most were short, none of them meant squat.  Lame.  Oh was free to me and fun to get to hang out with Josh.

Tonight, is my regular dance game night.  That usually means meeting up with whitedragonlbp and trythil at X-Site to play Pump.  However, I decided on a little change of pace tonight and suggested we meet at GameWorks Studio for Ten Buck Tuesday.  I haven't been to a TBT in about three years!  And I've only been to GWS maybe 3-4 times during that period.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm just kinda craving DDR over Pump for some reason.

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