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In like a lion?

April is getting off to quite an active start.  Lots of stuff has happened this week--some of which people might think were April Fools jokes from me if they had all happened on Sunday.

Speaking of April Fools Day, Brandon and I had a pretty small prank for this year.  We threw around a few different ideas and eventually whittled them down to whatever would require the least amount of effort to actually implement.  What we ended up with was randomized avatars.  The avatars for each poster on any given page would be shuffled around.  A user might end up with his/her own avatar or anyone else's on that page.  Silly.  I think it gave people a few cheap laughs.

We went out to Terre Haute to visit lissarenee's grandmother for lunch on Sunday.  It's always nice to see her.  When we got home, we emptied out our living room and dining room in preparation of getting new carpeting.

We had wanted to get new carpet ever since we moved into the house.  The carpet was pretty well trashed when we bought the house.  The carpet pile was matted down and there were awful stains all over the place.  The pad was pretty shot as well.  It was just really gross.

The plan was to paint the room first before getting new carpet.  We had painted one wall red fairly early on, but it took us another couple years before we got around to painting the other walls last year.  Then I realized we should probably go ahead and paint the main hallway as well so we could replace the carpet in there at the same time.  That happened over the course of about three weeks last month.

Once all the painting was finally all done (it only took us four years! :P ) we had a salesperson from Empire visit on Thursday and ended up signing papers on Saturday.  They were scheduled to come on Monday to install, so I took the day off from work.  Lissa was also on spring break.

Around 11 on Monday I hadn't heard anything from the installers.  This wasn't too concerning since I had been told they may arrive anytime between 8 and 6.  But I decided to call just to confirm.  To make a long story short, it turned out that some computer glitch caused us to not be on the schedule.  And since carpet is drop shipped overnight, there wasn't any carpet in town even if they had been able to free up an install crew.  I was somewhat annoyed at taking a vacation day for no reason at all, but I was able to get some other stuff done around the house anyway.

I took the day off Tuesday for the rescheduled installation.  The installers called before 8 and arrived around 8:30.  They were finished by about 11:30, so they worked pretty quickly and I think they did a nice job.

After they cleared all the big furniture out of the room, they went right to work tearing out the old carpet.

Tearing out the old carpet and pad to expose the subfloor kicked up an awful lot of dust!

Here's a look at the damage underneat the carpet from the CATastrophe back in late 2004.

There all our old carpet and padding loaded in the installers' van to be taken away.

Our empty room

New padding...

...and then new carpeting

Stretching, trimming, and tucking to fit

I haven't gotten all the furniture back into place quite yet, but here's the room with the new carpet.

Where the carpet meets the tile around the fireplace you can really see how thick and plush the carpet is.  It's at least a half inch of pile on top of a half inch pad...very cushy.  I predict I'll be spending a lot more time on the floor.

Meanwhile, Lissa took Gadget for her first annual exam.  It's hard to believe she's been here a year already.  She's healthy...maybe too healthy!  She's doubled her 6 lb. weight of last year ringing in at 11.9 lbs.  So, like Widget, now she's on a diet, too. :)

Moving on to's one of those things that you might think was an April Fools joke, but I swear it's true!

I auditioned for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  When I told my dad I was going to audition he said, "I didn't know you sang."  My reply was, "Neither did I."

[info]csystmrocks had called me on Sunday.  I wasn't able to take the call at the time, but she left a message asking me if I'd come audition for a spot in the chorus for a production of JCS that she's co-musical director on.  The only time she's ever heard me sing was playing Karaoke Revolution.  But somehow she got the idea that I was in show choir in high school.  I informed her that was incorrect and that I was a band fag.

I had actually considered doing community theater, but I wasn't really sure how to get involved and hadn't found the priority or the courage to find out.  However, I wasn't really targeting a musical production.  Outside of singing along with the radio, I have zero singing experience, no training, and even less confidence in my ability to do so.  I think I can generally match a pitch, but I've never really tried finding out if I could find my own.

Apparently the production is short some people for the chorus, which is what prompted the call to me.  I figured an opportunity was presenting itself, and I went ahead and took it.  I look forward to the new experience and I suspect I'll learn quite a lot.

Thursday brought something else that some might think was an April Fools joke.  Lissa and I welcomed a dog into our home.

She's a terrier mix about a year and a half old.  She's been at the Hamilton County Humane Society for the past couple months since her owner passed away.  Her name is Belle.

Lissa grew up with dogs from a very early age, and she has been wanting one of her own for awhile now.  I, on the other hand, haven't been too keen on the idea.  I haven't been around dogs much, and I think my inexperience with them led to much of my apprehension.  But to be fair, I wasn't too sure about Widget when Lissa convinced me to adopt him 10 years ago.  Now I can't imagine not having him around, and I was the strongest force toward keeping Gadget when she showed up last year.

Lissa had been watching Belle's listing online for a couple months.  Lissa's mom went with Lissa and I to the Humane Society on Tuesday after the carpet was installed.  We got to visit with Belle for a little bit and she seemed like she would be able to fit in at our house.  Lissa picked up some paperwork and decided that we'd talk it over, which we did.  The shelter is closed on Wednesdays, but she brought her home on Thursday while I was at work.

Lissa specifically didn't want a puppy, and I think that was a really wise decision.  She's already full grown (though she'll likely fill out her skinny frame), which is important since we don't have a particularly large house or yard.  And we also had a much better idea
of her temperament before we made any decisions.

So far Belle has NOT been most of the things that I was worried about in a dog.  She's pretty quiet and doesn't bark at every little thing.  She already housebroken and reasonably obedient.  She responds to her name and some basic commands.  We haven't gone to extraordinary lengths to put away loose items, but she doesn't seem to care to bother or chew on anything that we don't specifically offer to her as a toy.  And to top it all off, she's also pretty good natured and friendly.

The only thing that's really still a little up in the air is how the cats and the dog will get along with each other.  We have a baby gate setup in our hallway right now.  The cats have been hiding out back in the bedroom areas while the dog has been in the living room.  Belle has a tendency to rush the gate if she sees a cat pass in the hall.  Gadget seems more traumatized than Widget--though we've definitely got some work to do to integrate the household.

I had a haircut scheduled for Friday after work.  I decided to go back to basics...

After a couple years away, I have returned to basic black.  I enjoyed my tour across the spectrum, but I like being back in black. :)

And that brings me to the end of the week on Saturday where I went down to Louisville to visit coldgirl420 to start planning on putting together a freestyle team for Pump It Up tournament competition.  We also met up with flakkmonkey and jasondread for about a seven hour session on the newly arrived NX machine at their local Gattiland.  That has to be the longest single gaming session I've had in ages.  Surprisingly, I'm not completely wasted today.

Shirine and I have some challenges to overcome finding time in our busy schedules for planning and rehearsal aggravated by the 2+ hour drive that separates us.  But we've decided to go ahead and take it on and see what we can come up with.  We've already come up with some fun ideas, and I look forward to seeing what we're able to accomplish.  Maybe with a little luck we can score a bid into WPF...or at least nationals.  But I'm sure we'll have some fun trying regardless.

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