Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

sleeps plz

Day 2.
Biggest change from last year: I have yet to see a single guest.  Of course the fact that the Bemani panel is the only panel or specific event that I've attended probably has a lot to do with that.  I wonder how many of them would even remember me.  I worked fairly close to several of them in guest relations at both ACen and Ohayocon last year, but I somehow doubt I left much of a lasting impact amidst the more permanent fixtures in the staff (ironically, I don't think any of them are back this year due to the changes I mentioned in the previous entry).

It seems SOP that I don't get much sleep at cons--although I do seem to get more as an attendee than a staffer.  Unfortunatley, I came into this one already short on sleep.  I think I only got about 3-4 hours for each of the two days prior.  We didn't go to bed until around 2 on the night before we left, and I was up at 6 to finish getting stuff together and get ready to go.  I had considered taking a nap in the car on the way up, but the allure of playing DS multiplayer games ended up being more appealing. ;)

I finally went up to the room last night at around 1 (Chicago time, an hour behind).  But I decided to catch up on a few things in the digtial world and get a shower before I went to sleep.  By the time I was all finished, it was almost 2:30 and most of the guys were just getting back to the room.  I pretty much just crashed at that point.

Speaking of the digital world, I managed to score some WiFi here at the hotel.  It's a T-Mobile HotSpot.  I'm a T-Mobile customer, but I don't subscribe to their HotSpot service.  I called to get some info.  The standard day rate is $10...not really worth it to me.  But the operator said I could just subscribe to the monthly plan for $20 and cancel at anytime for a pro-rated refund--which works out to roughly $0.67/day.  That I can handle!  I'm ckind of surprised that they would recommend such a thing, but I'm glad that she did.  Thanks to T-M for continuing to not have sucky customer service.

21 1/2 hours on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep--especially with not sleeping much the night before either--is definitely pushing beyond my limits.  I ran into June and Steve around 2am while I was on a quest to find a towel.  Both of them asked me if I was alright.  One even asked if I had been drinking! (HA!)  I obviously looked pretty beat.  I think I was working on a third set of bags under my eyes.  It's not a good look for me.

I ended up getting up at about 9--actually a little earlier than I had intended.  I'm really have trouble sleeping much later in the morning unless perhaps the sun was already coming up by the time I went to bed.  Today I'm a bit worn still but generally in good spirits...maybe only a bag and a half of sleep deprivation under my eyes.


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