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the chain has been broken!

For over a month since I started my LJ, I was able to maintain a pattern of posting to it at least once a day. This past weekend, the chain was finally broken. A bummer, but oh well...the earth didn't shake and I don't think anyone was horribly affected (including myself).

I suppose I could've just popped in with a quickie nothing post just to keep it going, but I decided it just wasn't worth it. It was a really busy weekend--most notably because of the DDR-A-Thon 3.

I left the office mid-afternoon on Friday and went down to Bloomington for the start of the DDR-A-Thon. It was a fairly uneventful trip down. It was nice to see that all the construction that made the trip last year such a hassle had merited nice, smooth pavement for the trip this year. It was just too bad I was making the trip made it a bit dull.

Unfortunately, once I got to Bloomington, the traffic was horrible! I guess all the IU students were headed out for the Easter holiday. The result was that the trip from the exit off SR37 to LazerLite, which should only take 5-10 minutes, took a half an hour or more. Oh well, I made it.

Day one of the DDR-A-Thon was great fun and fairly relaxed since there weren't any specific activities going on. It's always good to get together with familiar faces, many of whom I don't see very often, as well as meet new people. The fact that we were all there raising money for a worthy cause made it just that much better. Lissa's sister, who's a student at IU, also stopped by at one point in the evening with some of her friends. So that was pretty spiffy as well.

I finally left around 11:30 or so since I needed to go home to get things for the next day, had a few pieces of business that I was going to need to take care of in the morning before day two, and just generally needed sleep...badly.

Day two (Saturday) didn't quite start out as planned for me. There were some things I needed to take care of (bills and such) before I left, but I kinda got a bit of a late start and then those things took longer than I anticipated. So I didn't leave my house until just after 10 am. I had wanted to get to Bloomington for the cookout at 11, but that obviously wasn't going to happen considering I had at least three stops to make before heading down. Long story short, I finally made it to the DDR-A-Thon about 12:30...oh well.

I'm going to try to make this "relatively" brief...

I caught the tail end of the picnic. I had a couple hot dogs and dropped of potato salad I had broght. I don't think anyone ate any though since they were pretty much wrapped up by the time I got there.

Went inside to mingle with all the other DDR-A-Thoners. I put my lego on a line and I think made it about halfway down before some people started asking about going to get some food.

One of my co-workers, Jason, who is originally from Bloomington had suggested that I check out a place called Wee Willie's when he heard that I was going to be in B-ton for the weekend. So I suggested to the hungry group that we go find it.

Getting there was a little bit sill since the street it was on was one way in the opposite direction where it met the street we started on. A few extra turns and a cell phone call to catch up the car following me finally got us to where we needed to be. Fortunately I had an address for Wee Willie's (that I had looked up in the phone book) because the place didn't have any signage that was visible from the street.

We all got nice meals. Most everything there was homemade...and pretty darn good as a result. Everyone seemed to agree, Jason didn't steer me wrong.

We got back to LazerLite just in time for the start of the variety tournament. I joined up with a team of Bloomington DDRers. They had decided to be The Rick James Dance Squad, but we toyed around with The B-ton Hos after I joined. I don't think we ever actually came to a decision. Both were funny. haven204 joined us just before the tournament started.

We managed to get through the pop quiz portion of the tourney on the backs of our obscure Bemani and music game trivial knowledge, our mad geometry prowess, and equally mad (lack of) artistic ability. We also survived Name That Tune mostly due to Neil's uncanny knowledge of music more than twice his age. ^_~ But alas, the DDR challenge round eliminated us--but not before making each one of us look quite foolish by forcing us into playing styles that would make n00bs look like "dancin' masters".

My freestyle partners (shammers, drewsifer, and chibiusameow) made their way from a Tae Kwon Do tourney just in time for the freestyle exhibition. Actually, Sam was there just before the variety tourney, but Drew and Juli had me maybe a little bit worried. But they got there and freestyle was slightly delayed anyway. We got things organized and did a quick run-through of our routine in the parking lot as the song played on a PDA through some portable speakers (how hi-tech). Maybe we *can* dance without arrows!

Freestyle was great...lots of entertaining performances. It was really good to see a freestyle show's been a long time. Our routine went over pretty well as far as I could tell.

I think we would have all liked a little more rehearsal time, but getting all of us together with our individual busy schedules was problematic at best. In the end, our execution wasn't flawless, but raised the most money in the exhibition, so we met our goal and I'm very happy with the result. Our collaborative group routine was rather unique to what's been done here in Indiana. I hope it sparks some interest in freestyle and I hope that I'll get to be a part of another such effort again.

After freestyle was the hardcore tech tourney...that I didn't even qualify for. No real surprise. It gave me more time to socialize anyway. ^_^

Closing ceremonies went about like last year. Winners got their prizes followed by a vertiable free-for-all to distribute the remaining prizes. Major kudos to the top money raisers! Your efforts were simply amazing!

Then it was time for a late night drive home via Avon to take Drew home. Of course Avon isn't on my way home at all, but I was happy to take on a passenger for the drive home. I much prefer to have someone in the car with me on a trip. Having someone to talk to is more interesting than the radio and does a better job at keeping me awake. Of course Drew was pretty well worn out. He zonked out for a minute or so at a time at least three times on the way home. I'd be talking to him and I'd just see his head nod and he'd stop responding. Then he'd wake up and we'd continue. It was comical.

I dropped him off and made my way home. I took a quick shower and jumped in bed about 3 am. And that was the end of my DAT3 experience.

I had to work at the restaurant the next morning at 10. I had an alarm set for 9, but I ended up waking up at about 7:15. I tried to go back to sleep but gave up after about half an hour. So I got up, took care of a few things and headed into work.

Working the restaurant after being on my feet for the past day and a half and not getting much sleep was a bit challenging, but I managed. I came away $80 richer as a result. Yay for tips! The Easter crowd kept us pretty busy, but everyone was pretty nice.

I got home and took a short nap. Then Lissa and I laid some carpet down in the basement. That took waaay longer than we expected it to. Getting it cut around real walls and laid flat was a lot more challenging than just dropping it down in the unfinished basement like we had done last year. We finally got it all squared away though, but then it was way past our bedtimes since we had to work the next day.

Yesterday (Monday) was a relatively normal day at work. Nothing much to report. I'm working on documentation for the next three weeks, so I'll be doing a lot of writing and taking of screen shots.

When I got home I ate a little dinner and ended up passing out on the couch for about an hour and a half. I've missed a lot of sleep the past few days, so it's no surprise. It probably would've been longer except Lissa called. That was a good thing though since I needed to finish filing taxes for this year. That also took a lot longer than I expected, but I got it done. Yay!

So that's what's kept me from my LJ since Friday. Hopefully I can get back on track now.

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