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Let there be light(s)!

Tonight was good. I actually feel like I got some things accomplished.

I fired up the grill for the first time this year. Teriburgers! For the uninitiated, those are hamburgers with teriyaki flavor blended in. Very tasty!

But the big news of the night is that we got about half the lights installed in the basement. We installed a total of six and have five more to go. The ones we installed are over the half of the basement where the DDR machine sits including the area on the other side of the bulkhead where the entry to the storage area is. Here's pictures...

They make it pretty nice down there. I'll be doing the Westside thing tomorrow, so hopefully I can get the second half done on Saturday.

The other five will go on the side of the basement opposite the DDR machine. However, we do not have any plans on putting any on the other side of the bulkhead where the pool table sits. We've decided that the pool light provides plenty of light in that area already.

After that, we just have to get them wired into separate switches. We're thinking three "zones": the two halves and then the pool light. I want to put them on dimmers...for mood lighting. Oooo. :P

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