Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Pointless boycott update

Reading thebrymaster's entry yesterday reminded me of a pointless boycott I left off my initial list I presented last month.

Yes, that's right...I'm boycotting "Friends" (the TV show). Why? Two words: "season ten."

I didn't start watching Friends at the very beginning, but somewhere along the way I got caught up in it. With syndication, it wasn't hard for me to see what I had missed. Overall, I enjoyed it.

But somewhere, probably around season seven or so, it just seemed like the show was getting tired. It wasn't as clever or as funny as it used to be. In fact, at times it was growing almost tedious (to me). But I stuck with it because I had an "investment" in it. I wanted to continue with it because I had followed it for so long already.

This was around the times that all of the last season rumors started, culminating in season nine. At that point, it was really looking like nine would be it for them. I still wasn't really loving the show at that point, but I figured I'd see how they wrapped it all up. But then the season ten rumors started. So I declared, "If they do a season ten, I'm boycotting this show!" Well, as soon as they made the official announcement for season ten, I quit watching--cold turkey. I don't even watch the re-runs in syndication. So's pointless, but it's real.

Truth is, I probably wouldn't watch it anyway. Around the same time I decided to give up on television in general for the most part. I decided that I just had *too much* invested in it. I was allowing myself to be ruled by television schedules--wanting to be home to catch certain shows and taping ones I couldn't watch live and blowing huge blocks of weekend time trying to watch them all. It was pathetic.

I decided that I'd take a new approach to television watching. If I wasn't doing something else when a show I wanted to see came on, I'd watch it. Otherwise, I just wouldn't worry about it. Well, it seems that I can find things I'd rather do than watch television. For the last year or so, I haven't really followed any shows at all--and I don't really miss them. I have the television on in the morning as I get ready for work to catch some news and weather and that's about it.

I do catch an occasional show now and then, but I won't let them sucker me into watching the next episode to find out what happens. If I don't find out, I don't find out--my life is unaffected.

I will admit that this season I have taken up watching Tru Calling on Thursday nights. The fact that it airs at the same time as Friends seems like perhaps a touch of irony. Thursdays is the one night during the week when Lissa and I are home together for most of the night, so it's kind of nice to sit down and have some dinner and relax with a show. I've enjoy it. It's a good show, but I think its standing with me probably has as much to do with its timing as its entertainment value.

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