March 8th, 2004

(no subject)

Grr...I went to post this a few minutes ago, but it failed for some reason and now I have to start over. So I'm going to make this kinda short out of sheer frustration.

Basically, not a whole lot happened today anyway. I'm just posting so as not to break my current streak of at least one entry per day in my first week of LJ.

The morning started off with a trip to the service department for my car. I had a piece that had come loose and was dragging underneath the car. It turns out a rivet had broken and the air scoop for my auxilliary steering rack cooler (basically a piece of plastic) had fallen down. They replaced the rivet and sent me on my way. Warranty repair, no charge--yay!

Work was relatively uneventful. The only thing of real note was that I finally solved a problem that had been nagging me periodically for a month or so. I had tried dozens of things to fix it, but it turned out it wasn't my problem at all. Something on the network that my company connects to was configured in such a way so as to make what I was trying to do not work.

It was changed and now it works...I just wish I had thought of it sooner. I try to be self-sufficient believing I can solve things on my own, but sometimes I need help--especially when it turns out it's actually out of my hands. I'll chalk up today's success over the failures in this issue in the past to the lessons I learned last week. :)

So that's really about it. Now I'm off to bed after this abbreviated post (about half the length of the original). I need to get into work a bit early tomorrow to work with someone else who has to leave early. Of course if I get in early, that generally means I can leave early too. Perhaps I'll try to make an appearance at TBT. We shall see.