March 29th, 2004

get this party started

Just before I was about to leave for the office this morning I got a call from the basement finishing people asking if it was ok for them to start today. So I ended up staying at home this morning to let them into the house and get them all situated and whatnot.

Unfortunately, they were delayed getting their supplies together, so they didn't get over to the house until after 11. I let them in, we went over a few things, and then I actually ended up going to lunch with them. I had a double dose of small world syndrome as I learned I have loose ties to the two people who will be doing all the work. One of them lives in Windwood, the neighborhood we moved out of back in 2002 when we purchased the house we live in now. He could essentially walk to work on this job since he's only about a block away if he cuts through a yard. The other guy's son is a host at the Grindstone Charley's that I work at. So yeah...small world.

Anyway, after lunch I helped them unload the materials out of their truck and then headed into work. I don't know why, but I was soooo sleepy all the way to work. I had to literally force myself to stay awake. At one point I even drifted off into the shoulder a little and some bushes on the side of the road kinda scraped the side of my car. No real damage...just a few scrapes that should come out if I wax. Still, it sucked.

I woke up a bit after I sat down at my desk, so that was good. I've had a productive, yet very short day at work (since it was a bit after 2 by the time I got here). I think now I'm off to Avon to go meetup with some peeps (not the marshmallow kind).
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