May 8th, 2004

pomp and circumstance

I went to my sister-in-law's (Elaine) commencement ceremony today. She's now a graduate of Indiana University. It's interesting for me to think that she was 12 when I first met her over a decade ago. Of course that means I've been with Lissa that long--plus a little more--as well.

I'm not around Elaine extremely frequently or for extended periods of time, but it has certainly been exciting to watch her grow up. Looking back over that time, Lissa and I have done a lot of growing up as well. We had a lovely conversation about it in the car on our way back home from Bloomington. It was really nice just to take the time to appreciate just how much and in what ways we've enriched each other's lives.

The actual commencement ceremony was about what I expected: boring. I really don't enjoy ritualistic ceremonies for the most part. But it was important for me to be there and be with Lissa on such a special occasion. It was good to be able to congratulate her in person and to be a part of her remarkable accomplishment.

I cannot over express how grateful I am to have Lissa in my life and to have been welcomed so openly into her family.