June 9th, 2004


I just skunked my (computer) opponents at Euchre on my PDA in only five hands.

First hand: I went alone and made it -- 4-0
Second hand: The computer went alone and we Euchred them (dumbass) -- 6-0
Then it was another Euchre and two regular winning hands.

(sidenote: I always thought there should be a rule that if you get Euchred alone you should automatically lose.)

So, 10-0 in five hands. Woot! My PDA is now taking a naked lap around the building. ^_~

[10:42] Teddy Huff: Good morning
[10:42] brianho25: Hello
[10:43] Teddy Huff: How's goin?
[10:43] brianho25: I'm about ready to skunk my opponents in Euchre.
[10:43] Teddy Huff: On the computer?
[10:44] brianho25: On my PDA.
[10:44] Teddy Huff: Hehe, Shall I let you go then?
[10:44] brianho25: Done...in five hands. I rule.
[10:44] Teddy Huff: And your're humble.
[10:44] brianho25: Damn straight!


I had my hair dyed last night. It came out an intense red and it looks cool. The only problem is I wanted orange--like a carrot or a pumpkin...or, an orange. :P I'm not upset. I like red...in fact, I like red a lot. I'm just a little disappointed because I've done red plenty of times in the past and I wanted to do something different this time.

The dye was called orange marmalade, looked orange in the bottle, and the stains on the towel I dried my head with were orange, yet the color on my head is clearly red. We're hoping that it will fade to orange after a few washings. There's already a little orange poking out up front. Hopefully that's a good sign.

coefficient of sucktitude

Bowling night tonight...and once again I continued my downward spiral. This weeks total score was lower than last week's, which was lower than the week before. My first two weeks were really strong, better than I've ever bowled before. But then the next two weeks have been pretty mediocre...probably just marginally better than before last year's league. Oh well...tomorrow's another week.

In other regression news, I switched back over to arcade DDR at home. I had been playing CS versions in the arcade cabinet with the use of an adapter for the past couple months. The variety has been great, but it has made me sloppy. I really understand why people complain about the home timing windows. I was getting relatively low great counts (for me) on most songs...in the 20-30 range on average. Now with the arcade version, I'm back up well over 100 most of the time. Blah. It's a good thing I don't really care about PA...but it's somewhat disheartening nonetheless.

It was really obvious to me that it had been awhile since I had played arcade DDR though. When I first turned the machine on, all the lights came to life and they surprised me. I had gotten used to them lying dormant. They really do "set the stage" if you will and add some dimension to the total experience even if they have nothing to do with gameplay. I didn't realize how much I really missed them until they were back. (That's kinda backwards, isn't it?)