June 14th, 2004

My visit to hell...

Actually, I'm just on hold with Linksys technical support. I've been on hold for about 20 minutes now. What makes it hell is that they have this audio loop of a five second clip of sleepy music and then a voice message that says, "Thank you for holding. Your call is important to us..." blah, blah, blah. I've heard it so many times it would've become background noise if it weren't so damned annoying.

The good news is that I'm on hold for their advanced level support. So hopefully I'm on my way toward getting an answer.

BTW, the issue I'm calling about is concerning a WAP11 device here at the office. It is making NTP calls, I assume to try and update its internal clock. The problem is that our corporate firewall does not allow NTP calls to go outside our network and is therefore blocking them and adding an error to the log. Our log is full of them, so the WAP11 is obviously generating a lot of unnecessary traffic.

All I want to do is either disable this function or point it at our internal time server. Strange thing is that the clock on the WAP11 seems to be correct, so it must've been able to contact our internal server already. But it is apparently too stupid to realize that it should just rely on it and quit trying to contact every other time server on the planet (or at least the list of servers it seems to be repeatedly trying to contact).

P.S.-I expect a comment from likeablerodent on this one. ;)


I would like to formally retract any benefit of the doubt I may have been extending to Linksys technical support. They are truly inept.

After this morning's call, I was escalated another level to senior level support. Well, by "senior," they must mean old and inflicted with some form of senility. I was promised a return call from senior level support in about 5 minutes. I got none. Total time on phone: 1 hr. 4 minutes.

So later this afternoon, I called back to see what was up. Maybe they just had my telephone number wrong (benefit of doubt). The level one person who answered the phone said she'd transfer me to who I needed to talk to.

I waited on hold >20 minutes and ended up talking to yet another level one person...who proceeded to ask me all the same questions I had been asked at least three times before. I told him I was frustrated with having to explain the problem all over again and asked if he'd just transfer me. He said he would...I waited about 5 more minutes and then got disconnected.

In the meantime, they sent me a survey by e-mail. It just asked if the problem was resolved and if I'd like a callback. I said no and yes. I wish it had a comment space so I could tell them I think they suck.

Usao-Kun will not be denied!

It's time for another installment of "fun with today's mail." I'll spare you the goofy picture series of me opening up the package and just cut right to the chase (partially because I didn't actually take pictures of it).

I = happy bunny