June 16th, 2004

An unexpected surprise

Last night around 9 o'clock or so Lissa commented that the air coming out of the vents was cool and that the temperature in the house seemed to be dropping. I went outside to check on the air conditioner unit. Lo and behold, it was running!

I'm not going to break out the champagne just yet (mostly on account of the fact I wouldn't drink it anyway). But if it's still running tonight when I get home and tomorrow morning, I may just cancel the service call for now.

Linksux update

I was finally able to speak with a senior level support person. Linksux called me back while I was at lunch. At least they managed to call me back. I returned the call, waited on hold, and got a level one person again (of course). I "expedited" my call with him by telling him I had already been through level one several times and that I had been trying to connect with senior level. He complied.

I talked to a senior level guy for awhile and then he transferred me up yet another level. No one told me what the name of that level was. I talked to that guy for a good 30-40 minutes and basically got nowhere. He acknowledged my issue, but admitted that there was no way to really do anything about it. He gave me a couple suggestions, but he didn't seem all that confident in what the results might be.

I get the impression that Linksux doesn't even make these things and that they don't know exactly what they're programmed to do as he couldn't give me any definitive answers to very specific questions.

He did, however, offer to exchange the unit for an older version since we have an older version that does not seem to have the same problem. I guess that's a solution, but to me that's basically saying, "Our new product has a problem, but we don't know how to and/or don't feel like fixing it."

My plan of attack for now is to confirm through experimentation that our older version doesn't have the same problem (my worry is that it does, but to a lesser extent that we just hadn't noticed)--and if it doesn't make the exachange.