July 4th, 2004


Fireworks today...and only in the literal sense. A pretty uneventful day today. Worked...it was pretty slow. Came home and finished working on the 1P side of the DDR stage. I bought some screws to replace some of the ones holding the rubber corners that had corroded. They feel a bit more solid now...crisper, less mushy. Responsiveness is good--not really a marked improvement there, but they weren't too bad to begin with.

Then we went to watch some fireworks. We actually just went over to Heath's house and sat on his side porch to watch. We had a great view. I commented that he had "the best house in the seats." For now I think I'm going to get ready for bed kinda early...well, basically as though it were a regular Sunday. I figure this way I can get up early-ish and enjoy more of my day off. ^_^