July 15th, 2004

Lissa the LJ lurker

I've had this LJ for four months and some change now.  It has been enjoyable sharing in the lives of friends and making some new ones along the way.  That sharing has consisted of reading, posting, and commenting.

In this time Lissa has been reading, but since she doesn't have an account she can't post.  I guess she could comment in some journals, but I don't think she has.  I've been encouraging her to start an LJ of her own, and she said she'd probably do it after school was over and the summer started, but here we are in July and she hasn't yet.  So I'm calling her out--right here, right now.

She's likely to read this entry, so leave a comment and tell her why she should (or maybe why she shouldn't) start an LJ of her own.