July 16th, 2004

All hail the queen!

My half-sister is a tiny little queen!

I had lunch with my dad today and she came along. She's 8. Some might call her precocious...I'd just call her a spoiled little brat. She's so spoiled she spells it with a 'y'.

The whole time we were there she just continually complained about every little thing. If my dad would ask her to do something it was, "No...I don't want to!" Then she'd demand--not ask, demand--to do things. If my dad said no, she'd whine until he gave in. And she's so picky about her food. She ordered noodle dish that had a bunch of vegetables on it. She commanded my dad to move all the vegetables off to the side of the plate so that she could get at the noodles. Sheesh...well, true to form anyway.

The experience was capped off when my dad asked her to tell the waitress at the counter to bring our check since she was already standing up and carrying on. She said no. When he asked again, she actually climed over my dad to sit on the inside of the table and proceeded to tell him that he was now on the outside and should go do it. In the end, I did it...mostly because at that point I just wanted to move things along and get out of there.

All the while, my dad just sat there and took it and/or gave her what she wanted. It's obvious to me that I was raised by my mother. If I ever acted like that, she would've smacked me upside the head (and frankly, I'd have deserved it!). I grew up an only child and she came along after I had already moved out of the house, so I've never had to live with her. If I had, I'd probably be quite fluent in sibling rivalry by now.