July 19th, 2004

Investment pays dividends in fun

First off, it seems as though I missed a day. Oh well, I'm not going to stress over it. In fact, I think I'm going to refocus away from quantity and onto quality and only update when I really have something to say. With that, here we go...

Back in 2002, lissarenee (neat, I get to link her now :) ) and I started thinking about getting a new house. We had been in our house (the first house we ever bought) for about four years at that point. We really hadn't outgrown it, but we were wanting more and could afford a little more than we were able to when we purchased our first house around the time we got married.

We had some features that we wanted based upon our experience with the first house. For instance, we knew we wanted some more counter space in our master bathroom. We had just a single sink and not much counter space. On mornings when we were trying to get ready together, it was an elegant dance complete traffic jam trying not to elbow each other in the jaw.

We didn't really need any more living area--three bedrooms was plenty, and the sizes of our bedrooms were fine. It was still just the two of us and the cat, so nothing had really changed there. But we wanted some space to be able to entertain--both ourselves and our friends. In our old house, when people came over, we basically could either sit at the kitchen table or on the couches or floor in the living room. There wasn't much we could do except play cards or a board game or watch TV. What we wanted was a place that we could have some things to do.

So we began looking for someplace new--a journey that took the better part of that year and finally resulted in where we live now. Our new (not so new anymore now that we've been here a year and a half) house is only marginally bigger than our old on the main level (1,500 sq. ft. compared to about 1230 sq. ft.). It's still a three bedroom ranch with an eat-in kitchen and a great room. But of course the big difference is the basement. It's a full basement that adds nearly another 1,500 sq. ft.! It was exactly what we were looking for and I'm really glad that we were able to get it.

Earlier this year we had the basement finished (there's still plenty of work to do, but the bulk is done and it's very usable as it stands). We had had a couple parties and get togethers prior to that time, but it's become much more inviting and we seem to be making much more use of it since the finishing.

Today I was just thinking that last weekend we hosted a birthday party for atomx and ilikea and then this past weekend I had thenarus and Brandon (IndyDDR: MonMotha) over on Friday where they stayed until almost 4:30 in the morning! (I can't believe I actually stayed up that late!) And then on Saturday we had some friends over following the Noblesville Street Dance. So that was two weekends in a row where we had get togethers that ended up being a lot of fun. So that leads me to the subject of this post. I'm feeling pretty good about our decisions with this house and our investment in it. It has afforded us not only a nice place to live, but also a place where we've been able to have fun with our friends. Both of these are well worth it in my book!

Hooray for new friends!

A few weeks ago, belindashort joined the IndyDDR Forum. After commenting in her Meet 'n Greet thread, I've had the opportunity to communicate with her on AIM over several times. She's been quite a fun person to talk to, and we've been trying to get together for a little while. Yesterday, we finally did.

lissarenee and I stopped by her apartment last night where she lives with her boyfriend. We didn't stay terribly long since it was kind of late (Lissa and I had been out running errands and had some dinner prior to going over), but it was cool to get to see them. We enjoyed meeting their lively bunch of animals and they introduced us to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I look forward to getting together with them again sometime soon!

On a side note, an aspect of meeting with Belinda is rather unique and I think worth mentioning: I can't think of another contact that I made through DDR where my first in-person meeting was completely unrelated to DDR *and* included Lissa at the same time. Neat!