September 23rd, 2004

On my way to AWA

Ever have one of those days when nothing really goes according to plan? I'm in the midst of one right now.

atomx, thenarus, yuritdo, and I were originally planning on leaving for Atlanta this morning at 9. However, it turned out that Allen had a class this afternoon that he couldn't miss and we are now delayed until about 6.

I had already taken the day off, so I thought I'd take the time to get some things accomplished and get things together for the trip. That all started out fine with just a minor glitch of getting a couple desperate calls from work for some emergency projects. Fortunately, I was able to do them from home and everyone was happy.

lissarenee and I had talked about me meeting her for lunch at her school today since I was going to be available. I was supposed to arrive at 12:30--which I did exactly. Unfortunately, she got tied up in a parent conference that went on forever. Finally, at about 1:15 I decided to leave and try and run some of the errands I wanted to do instead of just sitting there.

While I was out on my errands, Lissa called and we met at Panera for lunch. Then it was back to her school so I could meet some of her new co-workers (she's at a new school this year). Between traffic, construction, and an accident, the trip back also took forever. So I didn't get back into town until about 3:45. At that point, I was a lot later than I had originally intended.

I did the most important of my errands--gas, check tires, bank--and then made my way home to finish getting ready. There's one more errand I want to run on my way out of town that I haven't got a chance to. But for the moment, here I sit waiting for Jon and Allen to arrive. At that point we will go get Brad and off we'll go (with my one quick stop).

So, everything should work out...just the details were a lot more convoluted than I would have preferred.