September 30th, 2004

minor amusement (Adobe Video Collection)

I just opened the Adobe Video Collection that I bought a couple weeks back. I've made comments about being amused by software packaging in the past due to large boxes being filled with a small disc package and a lot of air.

In the case of Adobe products, the boxes are usually really huge, but they're also packed with big, thick manuals, so it makes some sense. My amusement from this packaging was that it included a double-wide DVD keep case. I don't see these too often.

But what I thought was funny was that the top edge had the typical DVD seal on it...only it was clearly a seal for a regular DVD case. So the folds of the sticker didn't match the edges of the case and one end of it was sticking straight out and wasn't stuck down at all. It was worth a chuckle anyway.


I just installed Premiere Pro from the Adobe Video Collection that I just opened...and whaddya know, it doesn't work. I get an error when I try to run it. I looked up the error in Adobe's support information only to find that my CPU is too old to support it. It requires SSE compatibility, which was added in the Athlon XP (or Pentium III). My Athlon is an earlier model, so it doesn't have it. :(

I was going to hold off on upgrading my computer for awhile longer, but now it seems I am going to be forced to do so--else this rather expensive purchase will just sit and gather dust. And to think I just got dual monitor support setup just for this occasion. I think I can get away with only a motherboard, processor, and memory.

I'm not sure if the Athlon XP and the Athlon I have (which is a socket variety, not a cartridge's not *that* old, although I do have another machine with a first-gen cartridge Athlon) have compatible sockets to where I can just swap processor only on my computer as it stands. That might be a good temporary solution if it would work. I shall investigate further *after* I get this project I'm working on (had to reinstall Premiere 5 since I can't use Premiere Pro) done.

Power Up!

I am happy to report success! To solve the issue in my previous entry, I decided to go ahead an purchase a new processor for my computer.

I decided on the Athlon XP 2400+. It seemed like it would be a reasonably good upgrade...old enough to be at a tolerable price point, but new enough that it wouldn't be too difficult to find. I wanted to get it sooner rather than later, so that I could hopefully utilize it to complete the project I'm working on tonight. This meant I'd be purchasing at retail.

I compared prices at CompUSA and Best Buy on their website. It turned out that Best Buy was slightly cheaper at $109.99 as opposed to $119.99. Given all the coupons and discounts I have at Best Buy from their Reward Zone program and some other offers, I figured I could live with that.

Unfortunately, when I got to Best Buy I learned that they don't carry processors in store. However, the sales person suggested some alternatives in the area (including CompUSA, of course). I knew about all of them, but one I had forgotten about. He mentioned PC Club, which had recently opened near there. I hadn't been there yet, so I thought I'd check it out.

BTW, kudos to the guy there at Best Buy. He offered me what I consider to be the best type of customer service there is. He didn't have what I needed, but suggested some places where I might be able to get it. That shows me that he was concerned with my needs and not just making a sale. Plus, he actually had to have a little outside-of-the-store knowledge to be able to point me in useful directions. Best Buy can be notorious for having braindead people on staff--especially in computers--but this person was refreshingly competent.

Over at PC Club, they happened to have exactly what I was looking $86.99! So I ended up saving some money and came home with what I had set out for. I looked online, and prices for that part aren't more than $10 less at the very cheapest sources, so I feel like I got a pretty good deal for retail.

Once at home, I was able to get the processor installed without any trouble, turned the machine on, and everything worked just fine. I was pleased that something decided to go exactly as it should. Then I got Premiere Pro reinstalled and low and behold, it worked! I am quite pleased.

I haven't played with Premiere Pro too much yet, but I don't seem to be having too much trouble adjusting to the interface. I last used Premiere at version 5--over two versions ago now. I already love Premiere Pro's real time preview feature (which is what it apparently needs the SSE feature on the processor for--the whole reason for my quickie upgrade). I can only imagine the amount of time I'll save on projects by not having to wait for things to render all the time just to see a preview of what I've done. I look forward to exploring the rest of what Premiere Pro and the rest of the Video Collection have to offer.