October 12th, 2004

creaking evil death

Our garage door finally gave up the ghost tonight.  We've known it was in pretty bad shape since we moved into the house two years ago.  The bottom two sections bowed out a little and it always creaks quite loudly when moving.  It's a super-cheap door..."builder's special," no doubt.  It's more of a privacy door than any sort of actual security.  I swear you could dent the ultra-thin metal if you breathed on it the wrong way.  We knew we would have to replace it eventually...apparently that time is now.

I was coming home from work and pushed the button to close the door as I was going into the house.  I was actually on my cell phone with someone at the time, so I wasn't paying much attention to the door (not that I would've been anyway).  As it was closing, there was a loud creak and then a popping sound and the garage door opener's motor reversed like it does when there's some sort of obstruction.  Instead, however, the misalignment and overall jankness of the door had caused it to bind up (the creaking) and one of the guide wheels actually popped out of the tracks (the pop).

I disconnected the garage door opener and Heath came over a bit later to help me get the door back in the tracks.  It was good enough to open and close manually for the next couple days, but it was obvious that it was going to need to be replaced.  The metal for the door was so thin and cheap that the screws that held the hinges and brackets to the door were acually pulling out of their holes...not coming loose, but tearing themselves out.  I'm sure that condition was what was leading to things getting loose and out of alignment.

At any rate, I can't get really excited about spending money on a new garage door, but I won't exactly be missing our old one either.