October 14th, 2004

first HDTV program

[backdated: posted 11/5]

Lissa and I sat and watched our first program in HDTV tonight. Quite unexpectedly, the three major networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, come across on our cable without me needing to subscribe to anything different. PBS also comes in HD. It makes me glad I bought a TV with a digital tuner built-in so that I don't have to get a cable box or a separate tuner to get digital and HD programming.

Oddly, the digital tuner also seems to be pulling in some extra channels. I was flipping through all the available channels and started seeing some channel numbers I wasn't used to getting. On one channel I saw this girl in a Snow White costume. It seemed kinda odd. Then they had this huge close-up cleavage shot and she took her top off. I realized I was watching p0rn! :P I kept flipping through that range of channels and saw some movies and such and figured this must be the on-demand/pay-per-view block.

So anyway, we watched CSI in HDTV. It's even better than I thought it would be! The detail is so amazing! I could literally see the "peach fuzz" on female characters' faces--even if it was only a medium shot and not a close up. HDTV is all I hoped it would be...and more! I'm actually excited about watching some TV again--if it's in hi-def anyway. I certainly don't want to get back to the point where TV practically rules my schedule the way it did when I gave it up a couple years ago, but I can see myself starting to watch a few shows regularly again. The relatively small amount of HDTV programming currently available is sort of a blessing and a curse from my perspective in that way.