October 16th, 2004

heavy lifting

[backdated: posted 11/5]

thenarus, monban, and himitsunatsume came by tonight. Jon came specifically to help me move the old TV down to its new home in the basement. At over 230 lbs., that thing is ridiculously heavy and awkward to move. It's around 60 lbs. heavier than our new TV and really front-heavy (due to the glass of the tube). Even though the new TV is much larger, it's much easier to move around. I've had to move it before, and I really wasn't looking forward to doing it again.

We decided that we'd take it down the stairs. Jon took one side, I took the other, and Ian helped out on my side and braced the back end. I went down the stairs first with the heavy side on my right. That made the heavy side on Jon's left--his weaker side. He also had a harder time of it because he had to hold the TV lower to keep it mostly level as it went down the stairs. The whole process was long and probably rather comical to those who didn't have to bear the weight.

Long story short, we were able to get it down without any serious incident. My right arm and knee were pretty well weakend and kinda bothered me into the next day. Poor Jon actually fell down a couple times when trying to stand up later that night due to the strain he had put on that side of his body. But the end result is that the TV is now happily down in the basement and makes an excellent monitor for Bemani games. It's nice to have everything in one place now. It should make Bemani-based parties more self-contained. It's also nice that I can leave all the various controllers out in front of that TV without them being in the way. This is especially good for Drummania as its controller (the DTXpress setup) is the biggest and biggest pain to move around.