November 24th, 2004

Take that fatkins and south bitch dieters!

I went through the McDonald's drive-thru this morning to pickup a tasty McGriddles sandwich. As I was pulling back out onto 96th St. I looked across the street to see a store in the strip mall there had closed as its sign had been removed from the storefront. Searching back in my memory and looking at the latent image where the sign used to be I recalled that the store was a place called Lo Carb Pantry.

HA! So it went out of business. Maybe it's a sign that those stupid fad diets are finally falling out of favor. I can only hope... of course there's likely even more stupid fad diets just waiting in the wings to take their places.

PS - The fact that I noticed this while coming out of the McDonald's drive-thru--or that such a place would even be located right across from a McDonald's--somehow makes this all the more amusing to me. Well, amusing enough to make this entry anyway.