December 18th, 2004

basement update

It's been a little while since I've posted an update on progress in the basement. Things are progressing, but at a somewhat slower pace than before. I think with the holidays upon us, we all have a little less time to devote to such things. I'm not too worried about it except that I have agreed to host a party for my co-workers at Grindstone Charley's. The party is tonight...the bar is not done. It's not going to be a huge big deal, but it would've been nice to debut it at the party. As it is, it's not really usable but there's enough of it there that people can at least get an idea of what we're doing and it's not an eyesore.

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Coming soon...countertops! Heath and I just got back from the lumberyard where we picked up the materials for the countertops.