January 19th, 2005

DDR (related) disappointment...and then delightment

Last night on my way to meetup with the "Tuesday Crew," I decided that I'd use the fact that I basically drive right past downtown to make a quick pit stop and do some investigation. Someone had told me that there might be a Pump It Up machine at Jillian's. I've actually stopped two or three times before over the past few years to check to see if they had gotten PIU, DDR, or anything along those lines--hopefully something unique to this area and not just another Extreme...or MAX2...or 3rd VK2 (depending on the timeframe).

I got downtown and drove around a bit looking for a parking spot on the street. I wasn't willing to pay to park for a stay that I anticipated would take no longer than 10 minutes. After circling around for a bit, I finally found one a couple blocks away. Fortunately, I had my nice winter coat, gloves, and ear muffs to battle the freezing temperatures.

I arrived at Jillian's and was greeted by some of the hosts. As is typical for that place, they weren't too bad to look at. I then made my way up to the gameroom and briefly chatted with one of the attendants before making my rounds. Not at all to my surprise, I didn't see anything even remotely resembling a Bemani game--unless a remote resemblance is a game that includes both a monitor and buttons...if that's the case, then there were plenty. :P

I then went upstairs and checked out the bowling alleys just to make sure they didn't have a random game up there. Nadda. On my way back down I stopped to talk to the gameroom attendant again to confirm my findings. She said that games had been requested by other people, but that they hadn't gotten any. Then she proceeded to demonstrate "that game where you dance" by doing some goofy step-jump on the carpet. Yeah...whatever. Fortunately, she was reasonably cute too. :P

So, my disappointing summary of Jillian's stands as it was already, "It's a really nice place that I have no desire to go to." ...save for the cute employees. But if I'm looking for cute, I'll just stay at home and stare at Lissa. :D

After this little gas-wasting adventure, I made my way across town to Rascal's (east side) to meet up with some of the people that usually haunt that joint. Quite surprisingly, musashi13 was already there when I arrived. He's usually one of the later ones to arrive. We sat down at a table and just talked for awhile while I was reinstalling Windows on a laptop. After half an hour or more, waiting__room showed up, followed soon after by maudlin77. We all just sat there and talked for awhile before heading over to Fazoli's for some food. At Fazoli's we ate, talked, and then talked some more...at least another 15 or so minutes after we had all finished eating.

This whole experience, while small and seemingly insiginficant from a DDR perspective, reminded me of exactly why I've liked DDR all these years--it's the people I've met and gotten to know through playing the game. In fact, we didn't play a single game all night, and I couldn't care less. We came, we socialized, and we had a good time. That's what'll keep me coming back and I'm glad that it seems that others still feel the same.