February 4th, 2005

Mixed message

I was in my boss's office admiring a gift from one of our clients that he had displayed on his desk. It's a glass paperweight enclosed in a nice box. It has the organization's logo and the phrase "Tomorrow is here today" on it.

As I sat there looking at it, I suddenly began to laugh. Does anyone else appreciate the glorious irony here?

Sniffin' glue!

It's been a long time since I've made an update about progress on the bar. We've been working on it periodically, but not been making as much visible progress as we had been when I was making regular updates. Mostly we were doing little trim work and details now and then.

But in the past couple weeks we've started making more major progress again. We cut material for the countertops. The bar actually has two levels of counters, the lower counter on the inside of the bar and the upper counter that goes around the outside of the bar. We're using a special particle board specifically for counters. It's denser and stronger than normal particle board. On the upper counter, we're either double layering it or otherwise reinforcing it since it will be sticking over the edge of the frame several inches and people will likely be leaning on it. The lower counter is almost completely supported by the cabinets, so it doesn't require reinforcement.

In the past couple nights we've moved on to applying laminate to the cabinets. We have big sheets of Formica that we're cutting to size and then attaching to the particle board with contact cement. This content cement is interesting stuff. It looks like snot, spreads like paint, and smells like rubber cement...x50! You apply it to both surfaces that you want to stick together and then let them dry for 15-20 minutes. At that point, it looks dry and feels about like dry rubber cement. It doesn't look like it would stick much of anything. But when you put the two surfaces together...well, they're pretty darn stuck!

And on to the picutres...

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After the layers were brought together the bond was very strong, very fast! This is some impressive stuff. But whew...is it stinky! The basement space is pretty large and we opened up the patio door to ventilate, but I still ended up with a nice headache last night.

Tonight, was pretty much more of the same only we did six pieces rather than just two. So I actually got an even bigger dose of fumes than before. It wasn't really bothering me as much, and after we got done I got a hankering for some IIDX. I was down there playing and just started feeling really loopy. I was kinda light headed and the combination of hand-eye coordination, falling note bars, and goofy song movies seemed to only be making it more intense. After three or four songs I couldn't hold it together anymore and decided to go on upstairs. I'm still feeling a little funny now--a good hour later!