February 26th, 2005

DDR Housecalls

Yesterday...well, two days ago at this point...I went down to Bloomington. Lissa was going with her sister to see Billy Currington in concert. I decided to tag along and see if I could do some good for LazerLite and get my feet on the Pump It Up machine at a local (Bloomington) bowling alley.

Apparently the 4th Mix Plus machine at LazerLite had been non-operational since October. From the problem described to me, I thought I'd be able to fix it by cleaning the CD-ROM drive.

It turned out that I was able to do just that, and Susie's son and I were able to clean up the machine a bit at the same time. I think it took an hour or so since the operation required removing the CD-ROM drive from the machine and temporarily installing it into a PC. But everything went about as I expected it to since I had done the same thing to my own machine last year.

After getting the machine running again, I took some time to try and adjust the monitor. It ended up better than before, but not as good as I would like. I think it's a little worn out, so it's not going to be perfect.

There was also a sound issue present that I can remember people complaining about before...probably as long as the machine had been there. I identified the problem as being that only right channel audio was being played through the speakers (although it plays through both speakers). I spent some time trying to troubleshoot this, but I was unfortunately unsuccessful. It's no better than before in that regard. However, the fact that the machine is working now and wasn't before is surely an improvement.

Anyway, I ended up spending about two hours at LazerLite...longer than I had intended. It always seems to be that way when trying to fix things though. The only downside is that I ended up missing people over at the bowling alley when I finally got there to play PIU. However a few people arrived a little later on, so I didn't have to play by myself the whole time I was there. I played about an hour and a half worth and then it was time to meetup with Lissa and head home.

All-in-all, it was a fun and productive trip.