April 29th, 2005


Daylight saving time passes, huh?

Personally, I regard daylight saving time as a "waste of time." The sun and the earth are going to do their thing regardless of whatever number we assign to the phenomenon--not to mention that the difference in daylight between summer and winter is larger than one hour anyway. However, I feel believe that we are one of two states in the continental US--and thus out-of-sync with the vast majority of our own country--is an even more ridiculous situation.

My preference would be to simply abolish DST nationwide. Frankly, in this great age of technology, most of the stuff I am inclined to do is not particularly tied to sunrise or sunset, so the amount of daylight hours is generally irrelevant to me. However, since it is much less likely to get 48 other states to go along with one than for one more to go along with them, I suppose that in the end I am relatively indifferent to this new development.

So now the question remains: Eastern or Central? No doubt our lawmakers will argue over this to the point that any progress they seem to have made yesterday will be erased by petty politicism.

And it will be a shame that the next version of Windows likely will not have a special time zone entry for us in the Date and Time Properties dialog.