May 22nd, 2005

Brian Ho: Grease Monkey?

Heath requested some help working on the Fiero that he's currently rebuilding. He was trying to remove the head from the engine, but it wasn't exactly cooperating. The bolts holding the exhaust manifold were basically frozen so he had decided to move back a step and disconnect the manifold from the rest of the exhaust system. Unfortunately the two bolts in that location were rusted good and solid also. However, there was a gap where they could simply be cut.

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I crawled out from underneath the car to examine my shirt that was covered all sorts of little chunks, smears, and stains. My arms had a nice layer of grease and oil on them from my elbows to my fingertips. I tend to be a bit OCD about being clean, but I'm not afraid to dig right in if a project requires it.

We fought a bit with a grounding strap and then lifted the head out and onto his workbench. I'm sure he'll be having all kinds of fun with it. As for me, I was off to home for a shower and to go out with Lissa. Heath's observation was definitely correct. He said it's good to get really dirty makes you appreciate feeling clean. That shower was definitely nice in that respect.