May 26th, 2005

Practicality vs. Nostalgia...a quandary

As many people are already aware, I've been losing general interest in DDR over the past year or so. That does not at all mean that I don't like it anymore, just that I'm not particularly motivated to play it. A large factor of that is that DDR hasn't changed in over two years since the release of Extreme. If we had seen a new mix in this time, I may very well not be in this state. No matter how much I may like it, it was bound to have gotten stale in that time...and it has.

However, as many people are also already aware, I have been quite enjoying Pump It Up over the past couple months. I would go so far as to qualify it as an addiction--much like DDR was for me at its peak. It takes the elements I love about the dance game genre and puts just enough of a new spin on it to make it fresh and exciting for me again. Add to that the fact that I haven't been hearing the songs in it a zillion times over the past 2-5 years.

So here is my quandary...

I am currently more interested in playing Pump than DDR. As a result, I'm often found at X-Site two or more times a week. Meanwhile, my DDR machine sits in my basement and doesn't even get turned on for weeks at a time. Given these facts, it would seem prudent to sell the DDR machine and purchase a Pump machine.

I've had my DDR machine for over two years now, so I got it for under $5000 before they were really rare and really in demand. Today they routinely sell for over $8000. So I could actually turn a profit on it if I were to sell. Not only that, but a brand new Pump machine is only $6000...further adding to the general logic of such a proposition. If Konami should release a new arcade mix of DDR--especially if it runs on new hardware--the value of my machine is likely to decrease substantially. So now is probably a prime time to sell if I am going to do so.

But this is where nostalgia weighs in. I really don't want to give up the DDR machine. DDR has been a huge part of the last five years of my life and that particular machine has a lot of history for me. I still enjoy having it around and don't really want to turn my back on it or DDR in general. Of course it would be ideal to simply keep the DDR machine AND get a Pump machine, but I can't really get excited about spending that kind of money again and I don't really have unlimited space for these really large machines either.

So I open the floor for some comments and suggestions. I'll be interested to hear different perspectives.