June 29th, 2005

It's a small (DDR) world

I did the usual Tuesday night thing with the DDR-turned-PIU group at X-site last night. Dezmond from Modesto, CA joined us there. I first met him way back in the summer of 2001 when IndyDDR was first beginning to stretch its legs. He has family here in Indiana and tries to make it back here for a visit during the summers. However, either he didn't make it out or our timing was off and I wasn't able to meet up with him again until last summer when I met him briefly over at Westside.

So it was definitely a cool thing to actually get to spend a decent amount of time with him last night and do some catching up. It was also cool to include him in with the DDR group again. Of course most of the faces have changed, but there were at least a couple of us old-timers there that he recognized from that first summer so long ago.

Afterward, we all made our way over to Asaka. This was the third week in a row that we've attempted to go there for dinner. The last two weeks we arrived after they had closed. waiting__room is a sushi chef over there, and he was actually leaving to visit Japan the next morning, so it was a good opportunity for us to see him off as well.

It ended up being a group of 12 of us, and it was our server's first night there. I think Wendy held her own pretty well. Toward the end of the night I was giving my e-mail address to Dezmond and she overheard me say IndyDDR. She was like, "DDR? That's why you look familiar!" After some questioning, she revealed that she had seen me play DDR at Circle Center way back that first summer as well.

Unfortunately, I don't remember her. She must not have been one of the regulars of that time, and I've met an awful lot of people playing DDR only once and never seen them again. Hopefully I'll see her again and perhaps we can locate her in the IndyDDR photo archive. I extended an invitation for her to join us at X-Site some night if she's not working. Who knows...perhaps she'll decide to join us some night.