July 13th, 2005

Home Alone

So yesterday lissarenee left for Las Vegas. She went with her mom, her sister, and a friend of her sister who is visiting from Australia. It's a "girl trip" and I'm not invited on account of my enormous cock. I guess I'm a little jealous since neither Lissa nor I have been to Vegas before and we've both been curious to check it out. I guess she gets to go first. Oh well, I guess I'll get over it if I jump high enough. :P

But the more direct and immediate result of her being away without me is that I will likely become rather irresponsible. That means staying up really late to do nothing of any particular value. But I don't have much motivation to go to bed when it's empty. I apparently sleep strangely alone as well. I don't necessarily sleep poorly...just strangely. I woke up this morning feeling rather lethargic and a bit sore...likely from sleeping in odd positions given the one I was in when I woke up. :P

She gets back on Saturday, so hopefully I'll make it through without doing too much damage to myself. I just doubt I'll be doing anything particularly exciting between now and then...especially since my plan to get Japanese hookers seems to have fallen through. ^_~