August 15th, 2005

Drowning in LJ juice

It seems I have fallen to the depths of the skip=80 page for my friends list--only about three entries down on that page, but still...quite far behind.

I apparently haven't had much time for LJ and haven't made time for it either. My last update was over a week ago, and my last read was before the weekend. Blah.

I'll try to get myself caught up. In the meantime, a list...of the updates I've thought about doing in the past couple months--and haven't. Perhaps if I put them down here they'll stare at me and make me feel loserly enough to actually write them.

1) Grad party pictures - at the start of summer I went to grad parties for drewsifer and nightskydreamer. Specifically at the latter, rabidhippo asked me to post pictures I had taken. Here we are at the end of summer, and I still haven't done it. I haven't forgotten, but I haven't done it. Maybe with a little luck, she (and everyone else) will get to see those this week.

2) Getting together with friends - I had the opportunity to get together with several groups of friends over around the July 4th time. I took pictures. I had stories. Maybe there's enough left in my head to make an entry out of?

3) My latest hair experiments - I've tried two new things since the last time I mentioned my hair in LJ.

4) X-Stomp wrap up - It went well...and I'd like to say a little more than that about it. :)

Well, back to work. Hopefully I won't find myself making an unprecedented visit to the skip=100 page by the time I get back to this.