September 28th, 2005

Pump Hiatus

Last night I played probably my last game of Pump for about the next two weeks. One of the post-op requirements for LASIK is that I cannot exercise for one week following the surgery. I think that should pretty much exclude me from X-Site next week Tuesday. This week was kind of a bummer anyway since I was the only regular from this past summer that showed up.

So it seems that perhaps I've seen yet another dance game group come and go as I have several times in the past. First the GameWorks people, then Block Party, The Wash, Westside, Rascal's east, and now X-Site. There's some crossover in each of those, and of course other groups as well that I've seen. Those are just the ones that I saw regularly for months at a time over the course of the last five years I've been playing DDR and now Pump. Going to--or back to--college seems to be the #1 reason why this latest group has dissolved. Perhaps we can find a different time. I suppose I'll just wait and see.

Anyway, I'll miss next week Tuesday while my eyes heal. And then I'll be on a road trip with juwi_bean the Friday I'd be clear to play. I won't return until Sunday, and chances are I won't see a machine on that trip. X-Site is closed on Monday, so my next clear opportunity is likely two Tuesdays from now. I should be nice and rusty by then. ;) If nothing else, I'll probably notice a drop in stamina.

But overall this probably won't be a completely bad thing since it will hopefully give the rest of my body time to rest and recover as well. My interest in Pump these past several months has returned my dance game play to a frequency and intensity that I hadn't had in over a year. It's taken somewhat of a toll on my body. But I've been having so much fun with it that I haven't bothered to take a break and just played through any soreness or fatigue I've been feeling. This will be a good reason to take a little break.

Slow Leak

Well, that explains it...

A couple weeks ago I was noticing my car pulling to the right. The tires are new and balanced, and the car was aligned in July. And I just had them rotated not long before this, so I thought I'd check air pressure...GAH! Passenger front was like 8 psi low! All the rest of the tires were within a pound or two of spec. I aired them all back up to spec and all was well.

But this week I was noticing a little pull again. Not as strong as before, but noticeable. So I checked air again. Passenger front was about 4 psi low. The rest were within a pound or two of spec again. It seemed apparent I had a slow leak of some sort. I've been keeping an eye on the tire this week, and today I noticed this:

Um, yeah...that's no good. So I headed over to Discount Tire on my lunch break. As I expected, they took care of it for me free of charge. Great service, great prices...must be why I keep going back there. I really have nothing but good things to say about them.

On a side note, and mostly for musashi13, I had lunch at Thai House while I was waiting for my tire to be repaired. I had chopsticks with my meal that came in the classic and delightfully engrish-ified packaging that Nick and I were discussing at The Nasty last week. The ones at The Nasty seem to be a revised version with fewer misspellings.

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