October 1st, 2005

LASIK: Day One

Today was my first full day after having LASIK. I'm happy to report that my vision is overall pretty good so far. I went in for my first post-op check this morning and everything checked out fine. They had me read eye charts with both eyes individually. My right eye was very sharp and I was able to read better than 20/20. My left eye, on the other hand, was kind of blurry and I had some slight double vision. But this is apparently no cause for alarm as it is normal for vision to fluctuate after the procedure. It would not be unusual for me to have good and bad periods in either or both eyes while they heal before thigns will stabalize.

As it stands, this evening vision in my right eye is razor sharp. My left eye is still a little fuzzy, but it seems better than it was this morning. The doubling has gone away. So I'm quite hopeful and so far pleased with my results. My noticeable improvement from yesterday to today and from this morning to this evening are encouraging and confirm what is being told to me about the healing process.

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I still have to put in the steroid and antibiotic eye drops periodically for the next few days. The antibiotic drop stung a little on Thursday night and Friday morning, but I don't even notice it now. It does remind me that the sinus cavities are all connected with the eyes and throat. I get kind of a funny taste in the back of my throat after I use them. It's kind yucky, but it goes away. The steriod is milky. When I put them in I kinda feel like I'm swimming in a cereal bowl. :P I used to be clumsy with eye drops, but I'm a real pro now. I rarely miss. I also have these plastic eye shields to tape to my face when I sleep to prevent me from rubbing or bumping my eyes while I sleep. Obviously I'm to avoid that kind of stuff while I'm awake as well.

Tuesday should be the last day for all that stuff. Then I'll have my one week followup on Wedesday. It's a little bit early since I'll be on a plane to go road tripping with juwi_bean Thrusday, but the doctors are ok with it all. So hopefully everything will checkout fine and I won't have to worry about any extraordinary measures or medications while I'm gone...just be careful with my eyes--which is not a bad idea anyway.