October 30th, 2005

LASIK: one month

It has now been a month since I had my LASIK procedure done. Thursday morning I went into my eye doctor for my one month followup appointment. I have post-op appointments for one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, and one year after the procedure to check on my progress and make sure that everything is going the way it's supposed to. After that, it's back to my typical annual eye exams. The vast majority of people have no problems, but it's good peace of mind for me just to make sure and hopefully catch any concerns sooner rather than later.

My vision seemed to even out a week or two ago to where I can see equally well out of both eyes. The examination pretty much confirmed that as I was able to easily read the 20/15 line with either eye or both. I asked to see the 20/10 line, but I just couldn't make it out. My doctor says that only a couple people in the 20 years of his practice have ever been able to. I could probably read something between 20/15 and 20/10, but his chart didn't have such a line. I certainly have no complaints with my results. Otherwise, he checked over how things were healing and said that everything looked great.

Lots of people keep asking me about my night vision. It's fine. I don't notice any difference in seeing at night from before LASIK to now. I still have a little bit of haloing around bright lights at night, but they seem to be dissipating over these past few weeks. The first week they were pretty noticeable, but they're now to the point where they're not even a distraction. I really only notice them when I focus on the to try to decide if they're getting better. At this point it's hard for me to make a comparison because I don't really remember what "normal" is supposed to look like because I never really paid much attention to it before LASIK since that's how things had always looked.

I'm starting to get used to being able to see without the help of glasses or contacts, but breaking about a decade worth of experiences (I've really only been wearing glasses for the last 10 years and contacts for about half that) hasn't been completely seamless. My first really conscious experiences with my new vision came while I was on the roadtrip with juwi_bean. I'd read something and my thought process would go as follows: 1) I'd realize that I didn't have my glasses on, 2) I'd get ready to blink and expect to feel some discomfort from my contacts, 3) blink comfortably, 4) remark, "Holy crap, I just read that!" I kept doing that over that weekend as I would conciously relize that I was seeing well without help. I'm sure it must have gotten annoying, but it was quite remarkable to me.

Over the weeks since then I've internalized that realization more, but there are still times where I just suddenly realize how much glasses and contacts had been a part of my life before. For instance, I'll get up in the morning, get about halfway down the hall, and think to myself that I need to go back and put my glasses on. And then I'll remember that I don't need them! But these experiences are growing further apart as I am becoing accustomed to just being able to see well on my own. It's really great to not have to hassle with glasses or contacts and for my vision is actually better than it was with them, too!