January 10th, 2006

I Survived Ohayocon 2006

I feel like I've been gone a long time. It's really only been four days, but it feels like a week or more! I've just been so busy and so much has gone on that it doesn't seem like four days could have contained it.

I'm just glad that I seem to stil be in reasonably good shape--even for my advanced age! ;) Lots of walking, late night grocery/supply runs, more trips to the Columbus airport than I've probably made to the Indianapolis airport, slow and broken elevators that necessatated multiple trips up and down up to 20 flights of stairs, infrequent meals, and a three day weekend sleep that totalled only approximately one day's worth of sleep:
Friday night - 4 hrs.
Saturday night - 2 hrs.
Sunday night - 3 hrs.

But surprisingly, after a full night's sleep last night, today I'm feeling a little drained but generally functional--just some residual soreness and a touch of sleepiness. I seem to have avoided the con plague even though several people seemed to be sick or getting sick there and thenarus was practically dying (well, not really, but he was bad enough that he had to spend all of Friday in bed.

Staffing was a lot of long hours and hard work, but it was very rewarding and I got the chance to meet and interact with some really great people. I have to agree with Jon that staffing is indeed more interesting than attending. I have many stories--only a fraction of which I've commited to this journal--that will entertain me and the people I shared this experience with for many days to come.

LASIK: three months

This morning I had my three month follow-up exam for my LASIK procedure. Since the last checkup, the haloing around lights at night has disappeared and the dryness has all but completely subsided. There are only a few occasions when my eyes feel dry, and they're infrequent enough that they may just be regular dryness and not LASIK-related. I can still easily read the 20/15 line and the doctor says everything looks fine. Next check is at the six month mark.