February 1st, 2006

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A new home improvement project has been going on at The Ho-House, but I've so far neglected to document it. Let's put an end to that now, shall we?

When the basement was finished back in April 2004, I listed a few additional projects to make the basement really complete. Looking back at that list, it seems that all of them have been completed except one...the bathroom.

Over the Christmas holiday we finally got started on that project. I didn't start taking pictures of the project at that time, so my before picture(s) will actually have to come from way before--while the basement was still being finished.

This was the space set aside for the bathroom. The builder had roughed-in drain lines for a sink, toilet, and bath, so this was a natural location for it.

Of course the fiberglass wall panels like the rest of the basement went up around it.

And finally, last year the bar was built in front of it.

We now join the project already in progress...

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More updates are forthcoming as this project continues...