May 4th, 2006

"George Lucas is a little bitch and he must be stopped!"

Anyone who has talked to me about Star Wars over the past 9 years has likely heard that mantra or something like it. Ever since the release of the Special [Ed] Editions of the Star Wars movies and especially since the new trilogy movies started appearing, Lucas has taken a franchise I loved from my childhood and bastardized nearly into oblivion.

I won't get into details (I have before), but let's just say that I pretty much have nothing nice to say about the Special [Ed] Edition releases of the original trilogy, Episode I, or Episode II. However, Episode III managed to save my opinion of Lucas and the franchise.

Anyway, on to the point of this entry...thanks to xnolenx for the heads-up on this:

As I have already established that I do not like the Special [Ed] Editions of the original trilogy, it should come as no surprise that I have made a point NOT to purchase them. And a few years back, Lucas made a statement that ONLY the Special [Ed] Editions would be released on DVD. So I was left with only my Ultimate Collection Laserdisc boxset if I wanted to enjoy Star Wars in its original, unadulterated form.

Fortunately, Lucas seems to have reversed that decision, and the original, unaltered trilogy will be released on DVD afterall. My theory: He needs to make some money to make up for how badly all his recent efforts tanked! ;)

I respect Lucas as a visionary pioneer in cinema technology but only a very mediocre storyteller. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and retract my mantra for the time being in light of this announcement. Perhaps there is still some good left in him.

I am pleased...and may just pick them up. I haven't gotten out my old laserdiscs in awhile, and they may be suffering from laser rot by now for all I know. At any rate, it would be nice to have the originals in a newer, more stable, and more convenient form.

Birfday, mini-meow, and ACen

First off, happy birthday to lissarenee! :)

She's been out visiting family in Arizona and California since Saturday, but I picked her up at the airport yesterday afternoon.  I got her car detailed for her birthday.  Everything just kind of fell into place.  I left my car at X-Site on Tuesday night and caught a ride home from musashi13.   maudlin77, Melissa, and Tim joined us and we all had pizza at Sinclair's in Noblesville before heading over to the house to play games...including about an hour or so of Karaoke Revolution!  It was kind of a late night given that they didn't leave until about 1:30 am, but it was a ton of fun!

The next morning I drove down to Castleton in Lissa's car and dropped it off at the Ziebart there.  Fortunately, they weren't too booked up and were able to take the car for detailing.  I then walked around the corner to X-Site, got in my car, and drove to work.  Fortunately, nothing bad happened to my car overnight.  I hate to be paranoid like that, but our society seems to dictate at least a modicum of concern.

At the close of the workday I drove down to the airport to pickup Lissa.  On the way home I stopped off at Ziebart to surprise Lissa with her birthday present.  The car was all done and looking fantastic...perhaps even shinier than when it was new!  The interior looked great, too!  And the rain held off until after we got home for the night.  So everything just fell into place. :)

Meanwhile, I've decided to keep the little kitty.  We had a couple of possibilities on people who could take her, but I kinda got attached in the meantime.  I'm still just calling her "little kitty" in contrast to Widget who has become "big kitty."  Sometimes I'll also call her "mini-meow" and of course Widget is then "mega-meow."

I guess I really should name her.  at_spinners_end suggested Gadget, which people--including Lissa--seem to like.  I had also been thinking about Roxy since her tail looks like a squirrel tail, a famous squirrel is Rocky, and a feminine form of that might be Roxy. :P  Any other suggestions or votes are welcome.

I've let her come in the house sometimes, but she still mostly stays outside.  She and Widget chase each other around, and it's pretty cute and entertaining.  Sometimes Widget will hiss at her, but I think it's because she just has a lot more energy than he does and he gets tired of playing.  But all-in-all they seem to get along fine.  She's pretty well behaved, but she is still a kitten and does get into some things that Widget is either bored of or has learned better.  But at least she knows just what to do with the litterbox, so that's a good thing.

And it's ACen time again...  I'll be leaving tonight along with thenarus and yuritdo.  This will be my third ACen.  But this will surely be different as I am working in guest relations this year rather than just attending.  I enjoyed working Ohayocon despite the organizational issues there this year, and I have been told that ACen is better on all fronts.  I'm looking forward to the experience.