June 13th, 2006

Tuesday Night Alternative

Old news, but worth a mention...

Last week Tuesday thenarus called me with plans to come down my way. Of course that's normally my night to go to X-Site. However, he wasn't all that interested in such a trip, so I suggested that we could meet at my place provided that I could get ahold of the usual X-Site suspects. I did...and we did.

In addition to maudlin77 and musashi13 who have started coming regularly again, we were joined by Brandon (back from school), atomx and ilikea (who I see depressingly very little of lately), yourcarsucks, and even lissarenee (OMG!).

We actually didn't play that many video games. I mean, some of the machines got turned on, but it was a decidedly simple get together that included a partial round of Scrabble (partial because people got hungry and decided to quit to go get food).

I'm pretty sure that's not a legal Scrabble word...but we let it go anyway! :P

Wendy's got our dinner business.

It looks like I'm up for another alternative evening tonight as Jason Dread and Flakk are supposed to be coming in to kill themselves on the ridiculous PIU ZERO missions and unlocks that we hacked access to last month.

Fill up of DOOM!

It finally happened. I had my first > $30 fill-up. As gas prices shot up last year and again this year, I've been playing all sorts of little tricks like filling up early to avoid having to pay more than $30 to fill up my car. Being a premium fuel only vehicle makes that a little more challenging. But it finally happened last Wednesday. And as luck would have it, my trip to Cedar Point this past weekend made the next two fill-ups > $30 also. I guess now that the trend is broken, it's not a big deal anymore.

I still don't quite get my car though. It's supposed to have a 12.5 gallon tank, but I can't remember ever putting more than about 11 gallons in the tank. I think even the time I ran out of gas I didn't even put 12 gallons in. Whatever...

Sometimes it's a good thing to suck

A door-to-door salesman came through last Wednesday hawking a home cleaning system (read: vacuum cleaner). It was a Kirby, a well-known and generally well-respected name in the industry. My mom owned one years ago, so I was familiar with them. The overall design hasn't changed all that much, but they've added a lot of nifty new features over the past 20 years or so.

Coincidentally, I was actually in the market for a new vacuum. The old Hoover that I had bought back at our old house was passable but often frustrating. My biggest complaint with it was that its design meant attempting to use the attachments would often result in tipping the whole thing over...on me. I also wanted something that would be good to clean upholstry (i.e. non-floor fabrics) with some sort of a powered brush. This machine fit both of those bills. It was also demonstrated to have superior suction power (as I expected) in a demo that very closely resembled a demo given to my mom years ago that ironically made her give up her Kirby. It also has a shampooing attachment which is a nice bonus. So he was in the right place at the right time with just what I wanted. Lucky him! And lucky me, too, I guess, since it came to me and I didn't have to put in any real effort. :P

The carpet in our house was trashed when we moved in. I've been treating it as trash ever since. The amount of dirt and crap that the salesman stirred up while demonstrating was not surprising...but still pretty yuck. The poor guy seemed to have pretty bad allergies, too. He was sniffling, wheezing, and his eyes were watering halfway through the excruciatingly long demo. I guess it was worth it to him though since I bought the darn thing.