November 9th, 2006

Pee Wee, the pimp pickup

I'm without Emi, my trusty Neon SRT-4, this week.  She's having a bit of a paint issue on the passenger front fender that I'm having fixed.  In the meantime, I'm borrowing lissarenee's family's 1980 Volkswagen pickup truck, affectionately named Pee Wee...

Oh man, Pee Wee is SO PIMP! :)

The first car I owned was a 1984 VW Scirocco.  I owned a 1986 Scirocco after that.  Like the pickup, the Scirocco was also built on the Rabbit platform, so many things about Pee Wee are actually rather familiar to me since it's from roughly the same era.

Pee Wee originally belonged to Lissa's grandparents, her more immediate family acquired it last year when her grandmother gave up her cars and moved into an assisted living community.  At the beginning of the week when I borrowed it, it had less than 33,500 miles on it!  It's been driven very lightly and garaged its whole life until Lissa's parents got it last year.  They don't have room in their garage since they had two vehicles already.  Still, Pee Wee is in really good condition--especially for being 26 years old!

I gave Pee Wee a bath last night and put on a coat of wax.  I figured I'd make take off the tree sap and dirt that had accumulated since it's been sitting in the driveway at Lissa's parents' house.  It came out all nice and shiny.  I think it was worth the investment.

It's been fun driving Pee Wee this week.  It definitely gets some looks.  The VW pickups weren't all that common even back then, and it's really rare to see them now.  Plus it's always neat to see an old car that's not completely broke ass.

My funniest (two-part) story with it was me discovering the limits of Pee Wee's performance.  I was on US-31 just into Westfield where it goes from 3 lanes to 2.  I needed to merge over into the next lane.  There was an opening between two cars just a little ahead of me, so I pressed the pedal to accelerate.  As I slowly crept up on the opening, I realized that the pedal was all the way down on the floor! :)

On Tuesday morning, I decided to find out just what Pee Wee was capable of.  I was stopped at a stop sign.  I checked around me and everything was clear.  I floored it and started counting.  Pee Wee went from 0 to 60 in a blistering, mind boggling...

26 seconds!  OH YEAH! :D

But seriously, it's a neat little car, and it's been a blast to drive this week for plenty of non-pulse-pounding reasons. :)

Click here for more pictures of Pee Wee. (If you think you can handle all the pimpocity!)