February 13th, 2007

Snow Day

Most anyone in Indiana should already know what's going on today.  Pretty much the entire state is covered in some form of winter weather.

One of the biggest winter storms in recent memory rolled in late last night and has continued through today...and it's not predicted to stop until late tonight.  Drawing a line about midway through the state, the northern half is getting snowfall amounts that could top one foot before it's all over.  The southern half is also getting snow that's mixed with sleet and freezing rain.  I'm glad I live in the northern half.  Ice sucks.

Fortunately, we were allowed to work from home today, so I don't have to go into the office.  Any roads that haven't been plowed yet are likely bordering on impassable by normal passenger cars.  I can only imagine what the ice is doing for the roads further south.  I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere either way.  As long as the power stays on...I'll be fine for quite awhile here at the house.  That makes me additionally thankful we're not getting all the ice since that tends to collect on power lines and bring them down.

Outside the front door of the house I measured at least 8" of snow just before noon.  The wind is blowing pretty strong, so I could get a higher or lower measurement depending on where I stuck the ruler.  This particular point seemed like a fairly good average.  I stepped off the front porch and my left leg sank into the snow over halfway up my shin while taking this measurement.

There was a similar scene behind the house.  The snow is falling pretty fast--so much so that it obscures the view of the trees in the distance.  In the second picture you can see a strong gust of wind blowing a bunch of snow off the roof.

Here's a closer look at the amount of snow falling against the black cover of our grill.

Meanwhile, Gadget found a nice place to stay warm.


Snow update

Shortly after 2pm, the snow was up to around 10".  Once again I picked an average spot to stick the ruler.  You can see that it's blowing and drifting much higher.

At this time, it had also changed over from snow to freezing rain, depositing little ice beads on top of the snow.  However, as of the time of this posting--about half an hour later--it has changed back to snow again.

Gadget was sitting at the back door.  The snow is getting almost as tall as she is.