February 21st, 2007

In a fog...


We had a "freezing fog" advisory this morning.  I have to say I think it was the thickest fog I've ever experienced.  Several school systems were on a 2 hour delay (including Lissa's) and some even closed altogether.  It made for quite an interesting drive to work.  I had my sunglasses on the whole way.  Between the snow on the ground and all the fog, my entire field of view was just a giant bright white.  It was like being in an Apple commercial. ;)

The world is a very different place shrouded in fog like that.  It was so thick that it turned my trip down the US31 corridor from Westfield to I-465 into what seemed like a drive down a country road in the middle of nowhere.  The fog was so thick that I could see the road in front of me (at least a few feet of it), but I couldn't see any of the office buildings or shops along the way.  It was as though they weren't even there.

The biggest difficulty was traffic lights.  I wasn't able to see the traffic lights until I was almost all the way to the intersection!  So I was basically slowing down before every intersection just in case since I wasn't sure if it was red or green.  And of course some intersections snuck up on me.  There were a few times I was concerned I had missed a turn or something because it's rather disorienting to know where I am when I can't see my surroundings.

I arrived safely, so the entire experience was kind of cool to me.  The fog left a nice frosty coating on things...like root beer in a frosted mug.  *Mmm...root beer!*

When it rains, it pours

So I stopped in at Best Buy on my way home from work tonight to get some games and accessories for the Wii I bought yesterday.  While I was browsing the games, I happened to look at the shelf below...where there was one lonely Wii system sitting just waiting to be bought.  There's someone at the office that's been wanting to get one, so I figured I'd just pick it up for her and she can pay me for it at the office tomorrow.

This brings a funny saga to a close for me.  I hadn't bought a Wii sooner than this week because I was waiting for a Best Buy to have one in stock.  I had enough Reward Zone certificates and gift cards to completely cover the $250 price tag.  Something about walking out of a store with a somewhat rare and sought-after item without having spent any "real" money was appealing to me.  As a result, I had passed on an opportunity that xnolenx had turned me onto last week to buy a system at Meijer.

Since that time, I've been kind of kicking myself for not going ahead and doing it.  Over the weekend I had decided that I would just buy any system I could find and spend all the Best Buy $$$ on games and accessories for it that I'd be sure to want anyway.  It seemed like a logical solution that I wished I had thought of sooner.  So I began a more general search and came to the realization of just how tough these things are to get.

Over the course of Sunday and Monday I visited probably half a dozen stores.  None of them had Wiis for sale (though they all had at least one PS3 :P ).  I called several more...still no luck.  On Monday afternoon I decided I'd just give up and order one online.  Even that turned out to be difficult unless I was willing to buy a $500-600 bundle!

That brings me to yesterday when I finally scored one at Target using some location methods that I found online.  And now today I just lucked into one sitting on a shelf...and at Best Buy, no less.  So once I pass off the extra one I have to the person at work, I can consider the net result to be my original intent of buying it at Best Buy with all those certificates and gift cards. :P

Anyway, enough of all that.  I just got home and I want to actually play with this darn thing.  I was out for Pump night last night, so I haven't even had a chance to unpack it yet!

Be my friend...please?

Wii Number:
1456 3363 4985 9400

xnolenx, cutriss, and flakkmonkey, you've already been added to my address book.  I look forward to seeing you in some Mii parades.

Setup was a breeze!  Everything just went together and worked...the first time.  Assembly and setup were all straightforward and intuitive.  I didn't even bother cracking open the manual.  I spent a good 15-20 minutes creating a Mii and perusing through some of the channels and such before even starting a game.  Then I bowled a 178 my first time out.  If only I was that good in real bowling! ;)

This thing really lives up to all the hype.  I'm looking forward to wasting a lot of time with my Wii.