March 11th, 2007

Get out of my bed, Mitch Daniels!

Mitch Daniels came to me in the middle of the night, slapped me around, and robbed me of an hour of sleep.  I was not amused.

For those that don't know, I generally consider daylight saving to be a waste of time.  Day and night are going to change throughout the year regardless of what number we assign to the hours contained by each.  Not to mention that the difference in daylight hours varies by greater than one hour throughout the year anyway.

Personally, I don't find myself dictating many of my activities by whether it's light or dark outside--or even what time it is.  As a result, I could generally care less what the number on the clock is.  I kind of liked living in one of two (continental) states that didn't bother with the practice.  However, I do agree that being in such a tiny minority that didn't (and the conflicts and confusion it created) was at least equally as ridiculous as daylight saving itself.  I wasn't too excited about starting DST last year (after Mitch successfully crusaded to do so), but I do admit that observing it makes it easier to interact with people in other states.

Anyway, thanks to legislation passed in Congress a couple years ago, now we get to start DST three weeks earlier (and end it a week later).  As the "IT guy" at work, that ended up being an additional waste of time trying to make sure that all our systems got patched and updated to account for the change.  Everything seems to have gone smoothly, but it was several hours worth of work I'd rather not have had to do.  I've heard plenty of similar stories from various colleagues.  Some of them haven't been as lucky.

Also, I heard on the radio that this is supposedly some kind of trial period and that it will be reevaluated at a later date and perhaps changed back to the old way.  Excuse me while I go try to contain my excitement over the prospect of doing all that crap again...